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Iran: IAEA resolution issued under pressure of hegemonic powers

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 27, IRNA
The Foreign Ministry, in a statement issued Monday evening, said the recent anti-Iran resolution passed by the IAEA Board of Governors was the result of pressure exerted by hegemonic powers.

It said the resolution was passed on Saturday by a vote of 22 in favor but that this number is far from the time-honored practice of the board of passing resolutions by consensus and thereby creating a gap between the actual and the ideal.

"Such a gap points to the lack of international consensus and shows what pressure by certain hegemonic powers has achieved." The Islamic Republic of Iran and countries which supported its stance made every effort to uphold IAEA rules fully aware that the danger of "elimination of rights and privileges of the agency's member states" and an increase in their commitments under the NPT was a great concern of member countries.

"The Islamic Republic of Iran, from the very first time that the US took issue of Iran's peaceful nuclear activities, tolerated many illegal and unofficial moves such as measures which they had taken beyond the safeguards regime and intrusive inspections due to its respect for its membership in the agency and its commitments under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the Foreign Ministry statement added.

The Islamic Republic of Iran's great steps taken to increase its cooperation with the agency and achieve understanding with some of its Western members was aimed at finally resolving the issue and did not in any way point to an admission of the unfounded accusations, it said.

"In October 2003 the Islamic Republic of Iran, in order to prove its goodwill and in a bid to build international confidence, without waiving its indisputable and undeniable rights, made voluntary, crucial measures to finally settle the nuclear issue," the statement said, regretting that the recent resolution put at stake those entire efforts and the achievements made so far.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has proved many assertions in the past three years which included measures aimed at transparency.

At any rate, faults and breaches attributed to Iran were gradually being settled and IAEA Director-General Mohamed El-Baradei, in his last report dated September 2005, acknowledged that the Islamic Republic was not guilty of violating its commitments under the safeguards regime, the Foreign Ministry statement noted.



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