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President condemns attempts to deprive Iran of modern technology

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 27, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad condemned attempts by foreign powers to block the Iranian nation from gaining access to latest technological knowhow and said such attempts would lead to the creation of a "scientific apartheid."
His remarks were made at a ceremony marking the start of the new academic year in universities and research institutions here Tuesday.

The president expressed regret over what he said was the dangerous trend of modern science and technology being put in the service of big powers, adding that notwithstanding attempts to portray the contrary, proprietors of modern science and technology institutions are behaving like those who lived in the Middle Ages and, what is worse, deprive others of progress in these fields.

Describing such behavior as "scientific apartheid," he took notice of the fact that in the past 60 years since the discovery of nuclear power, big powers have always prevented this technology from being used to promote global peace.

Noting the world's dwindling fossil fuel reserves, the president said it was a must for Iran to think of alternative fuel resources if it was to survive in the future.

He further noted that the Iranian nation throughout its long history has turned out thousands of scientists and scholars to the international community, and cautioned university people not to fall to any trap that would reverse the forward course of the nation.



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