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IRI Ambassador to London: Tehran not ambitious in nuclear field

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, Sept 27, IRNA
Islamic Republic of Iran Ambassador to London Mohammad-Hossein Adeli said here Monday, "Despite western propagation, Tehran's peaceful nuclear program is not ambitious, and its righteous stands are not defiant.

Adeli added, "Yet Iran is not going to yield to discrimination, nor to bow to irrational political pressure in that respect." The Iranian envoy who was giving an address at a gathering sponsored by British Foreign Policy Centre on the sideline of ruling Labour Party's annual gathering in Briton, added, "Iran insists on being benefitted from its natural rights based on IAEA's nuclear-Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Adeli added, "That would by no means be a threat against world peace and security, nor against regional peace, and let it be said here that the real threats against world peace are those that have still not joined the NPT and those who weaken the NPT by approaching nuclear issues politically."
Iran's ambassador to Britain, whose address was titled 'Economic Polices and Political Reforms' reiterated, "Economic reforms are by nature a part of very complicated socio-political process, proceeding which is in need of the establishment of the required foundations, as well as proper planning based on deep insight about each country's culture and traditions."
According to Press Bureau of Iran Embassy in London, Adeli warned, "Both the political and the economic reforms in the Middle East need to be nurtured in the process of indigenous procedures because engineering reforms and imposing them from abroad would never work anywhere."
He added, "The important point about economic reforms is that the people's interpretation of the West and reforms should be heeded, and as long as that interpretation is under the influence of the unjust policies and discriminatory approach of the West, such reforms would neither work, nor be of any effect whatsoever."
He added, "Under those conditions pushing forth the economic reforms would merely lead to aggravating the anti-western sentiments and broader extremism, while the solution to that problem is correcting the wrong and unjust polices pursued by the West in dealing with those nations."
Elsewhere in his address, Adeli referred to Iran's Constitution Revolution and establishment of parliament some one hundred years ago, arguing, "The process and progress of democracy has been several times halted and interrupted in Iran throughout the past one hundred years due to foreign interferences."
He added, "Yet, the victory of the Islamic Revolution contributed to strengthening the foundations of democracy in Iran, that is now benefitted form one of the most advanced democratic systems in the region, even according to Western analysts."
The annual meeting of the Labour Party, one of whose main concerns is surveying the reason behind the rapidly losing popularity of Prime Minster Tony Blair due to Britain's high involvement in Iraq war, was opened in Briton on Sunday and will end there on Thursday.



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