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Asefi : iran may stop all voluntary measures

Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Sep 27,2005

Iran on Tuesday said it may discontinue all its voluntary measures and include other actions on its agenda if the un nuclear watchdog and the European states refuse to correct their mistake.
foreign ministry spokesman Asefi made the remark in his weekly press conference while referring to a statement issued by the foreign ministry Monday night on Iran`s stance on the recent resolution adopted by the international atomic energy agency.
`the Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad`s proposal presented at the UN general assembly was aimed at forging understanding.
the plan would be the best objective guarantee if pretext was not invented.
`our plan in New York was aimed to reach understanding and that iran and the IAEA create an atmosphere in which the two sides would be able to set forth issues.
` he stressed, `the IAEA cannot set special rules and regulations for Iran.
this situation will lead to international anarchism and we will not permit such a thing.
`if the agency and Europe adopt a tough attitude, they will promptus to carry out harsher measures.
they should be watchful that their misbehavior will not give rise to an atmosphere that they cannot tackle.
we are giving the nuclear agency (IAEA) a serious warning in his respect.
` asked about the possibility of Iran`s quitting the non-proliferation treaty if its nuclear case is sent to the UN security council, the spokesman said, `Iran`s withdrawal from the npt will depend on the decisions and measures of the Europeans and the iaea.
`president`s proposal a guaranteed objective of iran: Asefi Tehran, sept 27, Iran -- foreign ministry spokesman Asefi said here Tuesday that president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad`s nuclear proposal was a clear objective guaranteed by Iran.
president Ahmadinejad, in his recent address to the 60th un general assembly meeting in New York, said Iran is ready to accept participation of foreign companies in nuclear activities in the country.
`the Iranian president`s proposal presented to the UN general assembly was aimed at forging understanding.
the plan would be the best guaranteed objective in the absence of any pretext,` Asefi told domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press conference.
`if they (the Europeans) do not accept this guaranteed objective, they should offer theirs.
`we were waiting for the Europeans` elaboration on their objective that would enable us and themselves to move on a single path, but Europe chose to reverse its policy by urging us to give up fuel cycle work.
` pointing to the recent resolution passed by the international atomic energy agency`s governing board against Iran, he said, `it was the first time the agency reached no consensus on Iran and was among the unique cases it resorted to by voting.
`it was due to be confirmed by many states which know we are right.
but they were confident the Islamic republic does not seek non-peaceful nuclear activities.
` he praised venezuela`s stance on Iran`s nuclear case, saying, `the Venezuelan government`s position drew the attention of the Iranian government.
it is appropriate to appreciate other 12 states which adopted a different approach through their vote of abstention.
`we are preparing a protest note to those 21 countries which voted in favor of the IAEA resolution which will be handed over to them.
` he added, `the world has no concern for a consensus on Iran.
the claim by certain western countries on an international consensus on Iran is a lie.
`the Islamic republic has taken the most steps to strengthen the IAEA but the agency`s members themselves move to weaken it.
`we believe the agency`s power should be strengthened.
we act within the frameworks of the non-proliferation treaty and its additional protocol as well as the nuclear safeguard.
` the spokesman said, `the safeguard and the additional protocol should not be mixed with confidence-building measures.
we are ready to cooperate based on the safeguard and the protocol and even have taken voluntary confidence-building measures beyond that.
`the IAEA is not responsible just to supervise but it shoulders heavier duties in helping countries, providing facilities and paying due attention to the states` rights.
` he added few western states and the united states in particular misuse the NPT and interpret it in their own interests, saying, `misusing the NPT for individual interests is unacceptable.
` asked about the possibility of referring Iran case to the UN security council, Asefi said, `there is no legal reason for such a measure but if the west intends to adopt bullying attitude, it can do so and see which sides will incur damage most.

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