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Russia calls for Iran's active cooperation with IAEA

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Sept 25, IRNA
Russia here Sunday called on Iran to actively cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency toward settling all issues surrounding the country's nuclear program.

The call was made in a statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry in the wake of the resolution passed Saturday by the IAEA alleging Iran's failure to comply with its commitments under the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its failure to convince the international community that its nuclear program is entirely peaceful.

The statement said the resolution was an indication of the need for Iran to continue and even expand cooperation with the IAEA to resolve all outstanding issues surrounding its nuclear program, and added that Russia counts on such cooperation.

Russia, stressing the importance of making use of the time left until November when the IAEA governing board is slated to submit a comprehensive report on the Iran nuclear issue, called on Iran to thrash out a constructive plan with states to settle these issues.

The plan, the statement said, should not only provide necessary guarantees on Iran's peaceful nuclear program but officially recognize Iran's right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

It, moreover, said that Russia, China, Brazil, Mexico and South Africa abstained from last night's voting of the governing board on the EU-proposed resolution because of doubts and ambiguities surrounding the issues.

The statement said Russia stresses settlement of the issues through IAEA regulations.


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