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Iran: lack of consensus in IAEA governing board a rear step

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 25, IRNA
Deputy Head of Iran Supreme National Security Council (NSC) Javad Vaidi said here Saturday that lack of consensus on the part of European proposed draft resolution on Iran's nuclear dossier at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Governing Board is a rear step in the history of the nuclear watchdog agency.

Only 22 countries of the total 35 voted in favor of the resolution," he added.

Vaidi also Iran's chief negotiator said after the Saturday's Board of Governor's session that the US and Britain were striving to show that there is a broad consensus in the world on Iran nuclear file, but their plans fell through.

"Based on the resolution the immediate referral of the case to the Security Council was voted down."
The US and Britain were trying to urgently send Iran's file to the Security Council in which they were also unsuccessful.

Their third failure was that concerns in Iran nuclear activities were strictly limited to the West which was also evident in the composition of the IAEA Board of Governors's votes.

The Western states voting pattern was to be expected Vaidi said adding that "Tehran will carefully review the South-Korea and India's decisions."
Due to undue pressure and threats by the European trio of France, Britain and Germany any negotiations, at this time with these countries is futile, he added.

"They were presumptuous and instead of inviting us for negotiations they assumed a confrontational posture and were after an impasse in the talks."
He said that Tehran will decide on the voluntary suspension of Uranium enrichment in the 'Natanz' facility and enforcement of the Additional Protocol.

The US will fail in its objective of depriving Iran of its legitimate right of peaceful nuclear activities specially the completion of the uranium enrichment cycle, he said.

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors in its session on Saturday afternoon approved European Union (EU) draft resolution against Iran.

From 35 members of Board of Governors 22 voted in favour, 12 abstentions and only Venezuela voted against the resolution.

The voting indicated US and EU's failure to get the resolution approved with consensus.

Canadian Katharine Hall chaired the meeting of Board of Governors and representatives of 35 member countries as well as Mohammad ElBaradei, Director General of IAEA were present at the meeting.


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