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Britain opts for confrontation on Iran nuclear case: Envoy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 24, IRNA
Britain is pushing forward the policy of confrontation with Iran instead of following the option of diplomacy, a senior member of Iranian negotiating team said.

Talking to Iranian reporters, deputy head of Supreme National Security Council for International Affairs, Javad Vaeidi, said Britain, as the US representative, seeks to divert the International Atomic Energy Agency and the international community from diplomacy and negotiations.

"Despite current atmosphere and increasing opposition, Britain has chosen this way. Germany does not agree with any deviation from the current direction," he said.

He added the representatives of Malaysia and South Africa are also unhappy with Britain's humiliating attitude towards other states, arguing, "Russia, China, Algeria, Mexico, India, Venezuela and South Africa called for a postponement of discussion but the British envoy strongly opposed it and the board of governors decided to hold the session on Saturday."
The Iranian official said the board is to just discuss the European Union's draft resolution on Saturday, adding, "The resolution will be ratified by consensus or voting."
The British policy means continuation of threat, pressure and deadline setting in negotiations, he said, adding, "Such an attitude is completely politically-motivated and is a breach of other countries' rights."
He stressed, "Iran will never accept any call beyond the country's legal commitments."


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