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NAM says EU resolution not a good basis for moving forward

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 24, IRNA
Malaysian representative at the IAEA Board of Governors and the head of Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) group at the Board Ms. Ryma Jama' Hussein reading the group's statement in the Saturday afternoon session of the Board of Governors said, "The elements contained in the draft resolution (tabled by UK on behalf of EU) do not form the complete basis for moving forward in seeking a constructive solution on the issue of Iran's nuclear program".

She continued," Due to the serious nature of the issues contained in the draft resolution, NAM had suggested that time and diplomacy be allowed for the matter to be deliberated at the November Board meeting and for negotiations to proceed with a view to reaching a consensus decision. However, NAM's major concerns and those of other like-minded states were not taken on board".

She went on to say that the draft resolution was tabled at a very late hour on Friday evening which had made it very difficult for delegations to obtain instructions from their respective capitals for a decision to be made this afternoon.

Head of NAM's group in Board said, the resolution brings into question the inalienable right of all member states of the NPT to develop atomic energy for peaceful purposes.

"It also does not make a clear distinction between legal obligations of member states to their respective Safeguards Agreements and their voluntary confidence building measures".

The statement continues," Any reference, whether explicit or implicit, to the UN Security Council on the nature of Iran's nuclear programme by predetermining Iran's non-compliance in the context of Article XII.C of the Agency's Statute and without allowing time for the DG of IAEA to complete his work in resolving the remaining issues of contention, is not the correct basis for moving forward".

It concluded, "In this regard, NAM welcomes the readiness of Iran to resume negotiations with the EU3 and continues to underline the need for patience and restraint to be exercised by all parties concerned".

So, "NAM is of the firm view that continuing with negotiations is the best way to proceed forward towards a constructive outcome".


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