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Europe, US in doubts on their anti-Iran stances in Board

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 23, IRNA
Firm position of Russia, China and the Non- Aligned states and Tehran's announcement to react against any confrontation, including any draft resolution which refers Iran's dossier to the United Nations Security Council or calls for such a move in the future, have put Europe and the US in doubts and in a more difficult condition.

Deputy head of Iran's Supreme National Security Council for International Affairs and a senior member of the nuclear negotiation team Majeed Vaeedi told Iranian reporters on Friday that Russia, China and the Non-Aligned states have thus far been holding coordinated and firm stances against the US and Europe.

Vaeedi said Iran's unchanging stance has served as a fourth factor for hesitation of the Europeans.

He said the ongoing atmosphere at the IAEA board is not in favor of US and Europe, prompting Europeans not to offer any draft thus far to the Board -- as it was customary in the past -- for registration and subsequently its investigation and approval by the body.

Vaeedi said that since the beginning of IAEA Board meeting, Iran has been insisting that referral of its case to the UN Security Council in whatever manner and any resolution, will be considered by Iran as selection of the path of confrontation and the country will show necessary reactions against it.

At any rate, said Vaeedi, Iran will stop suspension of its enrichment activities and voluntary implementation of the additional protocol of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

The Iranian envoy said Iran does not accept the trigger mechanism and any draft resolution that predicts sending the nuclear case to the UN Security Council in the future.

He said that Iran also opposes granting extra access to its nuclear facilities beyond the NPT charter and safeguards and stands firm on its stance.

He stressed that re-suspension of activities in the Uranium Enrichment Facility (UCF) in Isfahan is impossible.

Asked to comment on the outcome of the IAEA Board meeting, Vaeedi said that from the standpoint of Russia, China and non-aligned states as well as the IAEA, it is not technically possible for the Board to continue meeting due to failure of Europeans to submit their draft resolution on time.

The Iranian envoy said that conditions have not yet been in favor of Europe and the US but this does not mean that conditions are in Tehran's favor or the case has been settled because the US and Europe might unilaterally take actions and not to consider any consensus necessary.

He said there is yet one more possibility that is discussions on Iran's nuclear program might be postponed to the November meeting of the Board.



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