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EU in disarray on Iran's nuclear case

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 23, IRNA
The EU members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors are in disarray regarding Iran's nuclear case.

A European IAEA diplomat told IRNA that Italy, Spain, Austria and certain other European states are against adoption of any tough stances against Iran.

The diplomat, who wanted not to be named, said the disarray has made it difficult for the Board to reach any consensus and European troika, including Germany, Britain, and France, are facing problems.

He said the EU states are under difficult and highly complicated conditions due to internal differneces on the one hand and resistance of certain pro-Iran states.

European diplomats said the group of states call for revision of certain parts of the EU's second draft resolution on Iran and adoption of softer stances.

On the EU-NAM joint meeting, the diplomat said the participants had discussed the EU's second draft resolution.

He said the NAM states are vigorously defending their pro-Iran stances and support of Russia and China for the stance have made the coalition more powerful.

The Iranian diplomats attending the Board meeting have also voiced satisfaction with the present conditions.

Certain diplomats say that if the Board members fail to reach any agreement and consensus on Friday, the next meeting of the Board will be held on Saturday and even in middle of next week.



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