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Pro-Iran coalition call on Board to postpone meeting on Iran

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 23, IRNA
The pro-Iran coalition of Russia, China and Non-Aligned members of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Board of Governors have called on the Board to stop dealing with Iran's nuclear dossier until its November session.

A senior IAEA diplomat told IRNA that the Board faces charter problems and may even put off meetings.

The diplomat said that under the IAEA regulations any draft resolution should be registered at the Agency's secretariat 24 hours before the Board meeting is held to investigate its approval but the EU has not yet recorded its draft resolution and has kept it on the table.

He said that on the same basis, it is almost impossible for the Board to pass the draft in Friday meeting.

On the same basis and since Russia, China and the NAM states opposes further prolongation of the meeting, they have proposed putting off discussions on Iran's nuclear program to the next meeting of the Board.

The IAEA Board meeting was initially to last for three days but is now entering its fifth day and the end to the session is shrouded in ambiguity.

The diplomat said the group of the three states reason that in the duration there will be enough time for diplomacy, adoption of any decision and the fair and logical approach towards the issue.

He said that it is the first time Europe has not offered its draft resolution to the IAEA Board for approval.

As for EU's delaying registration of its draft resolution, the diplomat said registration of the draft means the document is ready for voting and regarding the present resistances, the EU draft would not garner necessary votes.

He predicted that the Friday meeting of the Board will possibly decide on extension of the meeting.

He said consultations and talks are underway for extension of the Board meeting but no concrete results have yet been gained.

On the latest stances of the pro-Iran states in the IAEA Board, the Asian diplomat said Russia, China, and India, as three major powers, are still insisting on their pro-Iran stances and opposing the stances of Europe and the US. He added that the non-aligned states are also supporting the three.



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