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Envoy outlines reasons for EU revision of Iran's UNSC referral

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 22, IRNA
Iran on Thursday said the country's firm stance, broad opposition of the IAEA board of governors particularly Russia and China and lack of legal and technical basis were main reasons behind the European Union and the US revision of UN Security Council referral.

Deputy head of Supreme National Security Council for International Affairs and senior member of Iranian negotiating team, Javad Vaeidi, told reporters at IAEA headquarters, "The Europeans revised their draft resolution following such factors as well as Iran's previous announcement on immediate suspension of the additional protocol if they insist on Security Council referral."
Iran has signed Additional Protocol to Non-Proliferation Treaty which grants intrusive inspection of all nuclear sites to
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to give an objective guarantee to the international community.

"The Europeans were not also confident about the outcome of this issue. They were seriously doubtful because Russia and China voiced their strong opposition to EU methodology towards Iran," he said.

The senior official added, "We had already predicted the issue of Iran's referral to the Security Council is just a pretext for them to attain other objectives."
He said the United States and Europe will follow up putting a deadline and the trigger mechanism in the final statement of the board of governors, adding, "We will also endeavor to prevent materialization of this issue."
"Iran will never accept a deadline or trigger mechanism. In that case, it will show reaction."
Vaeidi added the Iranian delegation will continue talks with all member states of the board of governors to reach an appropriate outcome.

He said Russia, China, NAM and the Arab League were among supporters of Iran, adding the United States and Europe, while lobbying with supporters of Iran, will seek concessions from them.

The official said suspension of nuclear activities at Isfahan's Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF), prevention of uranium enrichment activities, Iran's approval of the additional protocol and providing special provisions to IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei would be among important goals of the US and Europe in the current IAEA meeting.

"Iran will not yield to any of such demands."


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