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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

President: Iran's active nuclear diplomacy has neutralize Western policies

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Sept 21, IRNA
President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said here Wednesday that by unleashing an active diplomacy on its nuclear activities, Iran has effectively neutralized the European and US policies.

Speaking at cabinet meeting Wednesday morning Ahmadinejad also briefed the ministers on the contents of the visit of the high-ranking Iranian delegation's visit to the 60th UN General Assembly session in New York and described Iran's nuclear energy position.

He further said that many of the presidents and high-ranking officials of other nations voiced their support for Iran's transparent policy saying that Tehran views on nuclear energy closely resembles their own.

He then went on to point out the aims of the Western powers vis-a-vie Iran.

"Access to nuclear fuel cycle will propel Iran to a higher level of socio-economic development and hence the Western states do not want to see Iran to achieve such lofty place."
The hegemonic powers reckon if they are able to force Iran to retreat it will presage a series of other steps for imposing their will on other nations for which they have concocted various designs and plans, said the Iranian leader.

They also want to prevent other nations from joining the top orld powers in mastering nuclear technology and believe that if they close the doors on Iran they might also place hurdles on the path of progress of other nations such as Algeria, Turkey and Egypt.

He also said that nuclear enrichment cycle is a national demand and a pivotal prerequisite for progress and national resistance of Iran.

The president further said, "Statements by Western powers lack any logic and their outspoken threats will infringe on the UN Security Council's legitimacy."
The president said Iran is not seeking confrontation, "but if they try to impose their will then we will not tolerate it."
Ahmadinejad also brushed aside Western countries' assertions on Iran's isolation in the international community as "baseless" and "erroneous."
Ahmadinejad on Saturday offered Iran's proposal on the country's nuclear program to the international community at the 60th meeting of the UN General Assembly.

The IRI President called on the UN General Assembly, as the largest organ of the world body, to set up a special committee to compile a comprehensive report and draw up practical strategies for complete disarmament.

"The special committee should report on how the material, technology and equipment needed for production of nuclear weapons has been transferred to the Zionist regime in contravening of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and come up with practical plans to make the Middle East free from nuclear arms," he said.

"Certain powerful states are attempting to lay the foundations of a nuclear apartheid system through discriminatory approach to the access of NPT member states to peaceful nuclear material, equipment and technology."
"Therefore, we are concerned that with certain powerful states imposing their full domination on nuclear energy technology and sources and preventing other states from enjoying such technologies, we will witness a wide gap between the powerful states and others and division of world countries into bright and dark nations in the future."
"Unfortunately, no effective steps have been taken over the past 30 years to operationalize the recognized rights of NPT member states to gain access to civilian application of nuclear energy as per Article 4 of the Treaty," he added.



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