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Iran's nuclear program aims to meet domestic energy needs: FM

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

United Nations, New York, Sept 21, IRNA
Iran's Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said here Tuesday that the Iranian Nuclear program aims exclusively to produce energy to satisfy the needs of a growing population in a vast country.

Addressing the Annual Meeting of the NAM Foreign Ministers held on the sidelines of the 60th UN General Assembly session, he said in a bid to build confidence with the international community in this respect, "We have adopted a whole range of measures, including the signing and implementing the additional protocol, voluntarily suspending enrichment activities for nearly two years and facilitating for the IAEA to carry out around 1200 day/persons inspection on our facilities."
After all these intrusive inspections, the IAEA has repeatedly confirmed that there has been no indication of non-peaceful activity in Iran, Mottaki stressed.

"We have been prepared to stay the same course, continuing our cooperation with the IAEA and implementing our obligations. However, we are not ready to compromise our inalienable rights to nuclear technology, including fuel cycle for peaceful purposes enshrined in the NPT. It is evident that such a compromise on our part is not in the interest of other nations, who may wish to diversify their sources of energy.

"We have been engaged in two years of good faith negotiations with EU3 in order to assure them that our activities were exclusively peaceful.

"We presented several proposals, which according to independent scientists and non-proliferation experts from the West provided guarantees that our fuel cycle activities will not be diverted to non-peaceful purposes," Mottaki said.

He further regretted that it has become evident that the only acceptable outcome for some is for Iran to abandon its rightful activities.

"That cannot be acceptable to any of us," he said adding that no country can accept arbitrary limitations on the exercise of its inalienable rights.

The Iranian foreign minister also regretted that there is an attempt to use the threat of referral to the Security Council, which has no foundations under any IAEA norm, as a tool to deprive Iran of its rights. This won't work and will only add to the problem, he added.

"The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, in his statement last Saturday, outlined the approach of the Islamic Republic of Iran and our plan to remove any doubt as to the peaceful nature of our nuclear program. While he made it abundantly clear that Iran's right to have fuel cycle technology is not negotiable, he presented his plan for confidence-building," Mottaki said.

Regrettably, some countries, for political reasons, want to pursue a path of confrontation, he said adding, this is in spite of the fact that cooperation and dialogue can lead to mutually desirable results, he said.

He urged the Non-Aligned Movement to resist such attempts to deny the rights of a NAM member through illegal threats. Nam's resolute objection to the unfounded draft that is being circulated in Vienna will prevent not only the beginning of dangerous course vis-a- vis Iran, but also setting of a precedent which is detrimental to the interest of all of us.



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