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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran gives note-to-note reply to ElBaradei's report to IAEA board

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Vienna, Sept 13, IRNA
Iran-IAEA-Board of Governors
Iran once again declared that its national nuclear program is designed to generate electricity and that it does not aim to produce nuclear arms.

"Iran would have opted out of Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if it had planned to produce nuclear arms," Iran said in a letter to Board of Governors of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Iran forwarded a 131-page reply to the report of IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei to the Board of Governors.

The reply has given note-to-note explanations to ElBaradei's report and said that Iran would proceed with cooperation with the UN specialized agency.

"Some exaggerations have been made in the report of the director general and Iran believes that Iranian nuclear program is being treated with political considerations rather than a technical approach which the UN specialized agency is expected to take," Iran said.

"A brief look at Mr. ElBaradei's report to Board of Governors indicated that the UN Agency has been influenced by a political propaganda campaign against Iranian nuclear program. It is easy to reach such a conclusion from legal and technical aspects of director-general's report," the letter said.

"The UN Agency is expected to do its work in a technical manner, but, Iranian nuclear program has been politicized in order to divert attention of the international community from the immediate and serious security concerns as a result of violation of article VI of the NPT, existence of the huge number of the nuclear warheads, recent progress in manufacture of new types of nuclear weapons by two Nuclear Weapon States and the last but not the least the potential nuclear threat by Israel, being the only-non-party to NPT in the strategic region of Middle East," the letter said.

Iran maintained that the technical aspect of its national nuclear program has been sacrificed for political considerations.

"Political pressure of Western states has influenced the statements and resolutions of IAEA Board of Governors to an extent that they have got separated from spirit of Charter of the UN Agency and that of the NPT.

"Statements and resolutions of the UN specialized agency proved that Iran has been exposed to discriminatory approach and IAEA which should examine technical aspects of the Iranian nuclear program has adopted political approach to the case," Iran said in its letter to IAEA Board of Governors.

"Unfortunately, the IAEA secretariat has used the term of 'covert program' fabricated by the United States for the first time to accuse Iran of attempting to produce nuclear arms. The term is misleading the international community," Iran said.

"Though IAEA secretariat made efforts to act impartially and in the context of IAEA safeguards and Additional Protocol to NPT, it sometimes exceeded boundaries of conventions. It requested Iran to allow inspections of its nuclear sites in line with safeguards agreement and the Additional Protocol. Iran accepted the demands and allowed IAEA inspection teams to see nuclear sites because Iranian program is transparent and open to IAEA inspection."


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