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EU losing opportunity to act as power-broker, says Iran envoy

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

London, Sept 8, IRNA
EU-Iranian Ambassador
Iranian Ambassador to Britain, Mohammad Hossein Adeli, Thursday called on the European Union to seize the opportunity to act as a power-broker to resolve the concerns over his country's nuclear programme.

"Europe's golden opportunity to play an international role is not only fading away, but is turning into an irresolvable dispute, which could ignite an unwanted and unnecessary conflict," Adeli said.

"We are all aware that this opportunity is on the verge of becoming the victim of the US-Iranian estrangement and grievances," he warned in a letter to article published in the Guardian newspaper.

His call for Britain, France and Germany, which have been leading negations with Iran, comes ahead of the International Atomic Energy Agency holding a board meeting on September 19 amid renewed threats that Iran's case will be referred to the UN Security Council.

"The question which now needs to be asked is whether, at a later stage, when Europe is completely out of the picture, the US will replace the Europeans? And will the Europeans be judged as losers?" the Iranian ambassador asked.

"In this case, would it not be better to seize the opportunity rather than suspending it?" he said in relation to US pressure for the EU to suspend its negotiations.

In his article, Adeli recounted that when Iran turned to Europe over two years ago to resolve the controversy over its civil nuclear programme, it should have been a "win-win situation" by creating an alliance to benefit the region as well as international security.

The basis of the subsequent Paris agreement, he said, was two- fold - for Iran would assure the Europeans that its programme would be exclusively aimed at civilian purposes, and for the EU to further its cooperation with Iran.

Adeli suggested that the current deadlock developed through the interference of the US and has ended in demands for Iran to relinquish all of its rights for uranium enrichment in return for vague promises of expanded relations with the EU.



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