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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran's referral to UNSC not benefiting any party: papers

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 24, IRNA
Two morning papers commented on Iran's nuclear issue here Wednesday by one noting that referring the case to the United Nations Security Council would put at risk world energy market and the other stressing Tehran's nuclear program an "absolutely unbreachable red line."
In reference to the European threat of UNSC referral if Tehran would not refreeze its nuclear activities by the end of the deadline issued by the Board of Governors the UN nuclear watchdog (September 3), the 'Iran Daily' said that with supporting the idea of taking Iran to the UN body, EU "is toeing the US line.

"In the past couple of years, Europe has endeavored to play a powerful role in global equations, but the US pressures have consistently undermined this role," said the English-language daily.

It further noted that after experiencing a history of 25 years of US economic sanctions, Iran now believes even the UNSC "is acting as the puppet of big powers."
Stressing that Iran is the most powerful country in the Persian Gulf region with a strategic position as a major oil exporter, the editorial added "If Iran become subject to more intense sanctions, it will make the world's energy market very vulnerable.

"Any obstacles to oil export will affect both Iran and those pursuing the sanctions," Iran Daily said adding that any UN sanction "will hike prices and slow economic growth in developed as well as developing countries," argued the editorial.

It also added that in case of imposing any sanction against Iran, "EU will be discredited for not abiding by its commitments with regard to the Paris Agreement, which backed Iran's peaceful nuclear program." Stressing that Iran's referral to the UNSC would not benefit any party, the Iran Daily argued that "success of Iran's nuclear diplomacy in recent years will naturalize any adverse impact of sanctions mulled by the US and its allies."
Meanwhile, another English-language paper commenting on the same issue, said that dismantling Iran's nuclear program as the West has been calling for "is out of question.

"From strategic point of view the Islamic Republic has already made the decision to develop its nuclear industry at all cost," said the 'Iran News'.

It further referred to Tehran's nuclear program as "one of the absolutely unbreachable red lines of the system" that should be recognized by the US, the European Union, the United Nations, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the broader international community.

The editorial also recommended the Iranian negotiating team to "refrain from extremist actions which scuttle the chances of a negotiated settlement, provided the West - an in particular the US - reverses course in its policy of threats and accusations." The paper optimistically said in conclusion that an "Amicable solution is still within reach but not before Washington drops its belligerent policy of threatening Iran with Security Council referral, punitive sanctions, air strikes, etc."


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