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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Leader says Iran not after A-Bomb, Blasts US "Deception"

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 19, IRNA
Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei repeated here Friday that Iran has never been after a nuclear bomb and that the West was trying to deceive the world public opinion by pretending that Iran wanted the bomb.

Addressing a huge crowd of Muslim worshippers at the Friday prayers sermons here, the Leader said in their smear campaign, the S and "regrettably some European countries" claim they are opposed to "Iran's access to nuclear weapons."
"This is sheer deception and aimed to mislead the public opinion in their own countries."
The Leader also urged Europe not to fall into the US trap. "The US has no goodwill towards you nor towards Iran."
Ayatollah Khamenei said Iranian officials have stated time and again and the people have accepted that the Islamic Republic is not seeking a nuclear bomb.

"The uranium we enrich in the fuel cycle is only 3 to 4 percent rich while for an atomic bomb it should be enriched 99%. We are using own own uranium, our own facility to make 3-4% enrichment for supply of fuel to the unfinished nuclear power plant in Bushehr. We want our own fuel production for our nuke plant but they (West) tell us to purchase fuel from them so that we would eventually become dependent on them.

"For us, the nuclear issue is a scientific-economic issue. If we complete the course we have quite successfully taken so far, it would be a scientific achievement for the country...We do not want to deplete our non-renewable energy resources and want to keep them for the next generations. What they (part of the West) want us to do today is sheer bullying and the US is behind all this..."
The Leader stressed: "Up to this moment, Iran has not breached any international commitment. We have been acting with moderation, logic and tolerance. But we have said this before and I repeat it: The Iranian nation will not give in to bullying and blackmailing by anyone."
Referring to the demand of the EU-3 (Germany, France and UK) for Iran to create a climate of confidence, the Leader said: "Our policy is one of negotiations, understanding and promotion of confidence. But this confidence must be mutual. I also tell you (EU3) to do something we could trust you...We are not living in the 19th century... Today the IRI relies on a 70 million strong nation.

Our officials are as strong as mountain and we do not fear anyone.

We will never give up our rights and no one has the right to compromise on the rights of our people."
The Leader urged the Europeans not to be influenced by the US and the Zionists. "American neither has goodwill towards you nor towards Iran. So do not give up under the US pressure."
Iran's new chief nuclear negotiator, Ali Larijani, said Tuesday Tehran will not give up its plans to develop a full nuclear fuel cycle. He, however, gave his backing to talks to resolve the standoff with the West.

He said that Iran deems it a principle to continue talks and it accepts negotiation as the right manner.

Stressing that its nuclear programme will only be used to generate electricity, Iran rejected a resolution adopted by the International Atomic Energy Agency last week calling on it to halt all nuclear fuel work.

Iran resumed activities at the Isfahan Uranium Conversion Facility (UCF) on August 8 after rejecting an EU offer of political and economic incentives in return for giving up its nuclear programme.

The resolution tabled by the EU3 and adopted by the IAEA urges Iran to re-establish full suspension of all enrichment related activities including the production of feed material, through tests or production at the UCF, on the same voluntary basis as requested in previous board resolutions and to permit the director-general to re-instate the seals that have been remove at the facility.

The resolution requests IAEA Chief Mohammad ElBradei to continue to monitor closely the situation and inform the board of governors of any further developments as appropriate.

The resolution also calls on ElBradei to provide a comprehensive report on the implementation of Iran's NPT Safeguard Agreement and this resolution by September 3, 2005.

The European Union has expressed its "deep concern "over Iran's resumption of activity at the uranium conversion facility in Isfahan but said the door remains open for negotiations.


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