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Aghamohammadi: Decision to break Isfahan complex's seal made by heads of system (Part 1)

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, Aug 2, IRNA
Head of Propagation and Information Committee of the country's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) emphasized in an interview with IRNA here Monday, "Iran's decision to resume nuclear activities at Isfahan Nuclear Complex is a national decision adopted by the system's top officials in the presence of the Supreme Leader."
Ali Aghamohammadi further elaborated in his detailed interview with IRNA's Ali-Reza Abdollah, "The officials present at that sensitive decision-making session included President Mohammad Khatami, President-Elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Head of the Expediency Council Hojatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, and former prime minister and Expediency Council member Mir-Hossein Moussavi."
According to the decision, the seal of Isfahan's UCF Nuclear Complex was supposed to be broken on Monday evening in the presence of the International Atomic Energy Agency's representative in Iran, following presentation of Iran's prior written notice to IAEA Chief Mohamed ElBaradei on the matter.

Aghamohammadi added, "The heads of the system unanimously declared at that meeting that August 1st would be Iran's unchangeable deadline, deciding that the current trend of nuclear talks is against the country's national interests, and that a solid response was needed against the continuation of that sick trend."
On probable relation between the beginning of President Ahmadinejad's tenure, the fact that he has said he would pursue President Khatami's detente policy, and resuming of the country's sensitive nuclear activities, he reiterated, "This issue is independent from the change of governments. It is the Iranian nation's decision, and quite independent from taking charge of President Ahmadinejad's cabinet."
He added, "President Khatami announced this sensitive decision quite calmly during the last days of his tenure, but if he were opposed to the idea he could have postponed its declaration so that he not be the one to reveal it, as the Europeans, too, preferred." In reply to IRNA's question, "What would be the direction of Iran's nuclear strategy in new government's era?", Aghamohammadi said, "Macro-scale decisions of the system would be made by the country's top officials, just as always, and they would not be subject to drastic changes with coming to power of a new president."
Aghamohammadi believes breaking the seal of Isfahan's UCF Nuclear Complex could have no negative effects for the country. He says, "The move is quite a simple, natural, and mainstream one.

Resuming the activities at Isfahan Complex is different from resuming the country's nuclear enrichment activities."
He further elaborated, "Europe, too, has never been opposed to resuming of activities at Iran's Isfahan Nuclear Complex and they have informed us of that stand in meetings behind closed doors. The only point is that they wished to announce their agreement with the move at a different time, followed by thousands of percussions, but of course fully ignoring Iran's serious concerns."
The SNSC official added, "Nothing particular has happened to disappoint the Europeans, and in other words, we have just made a move that they wished to permit us to do following thousands of percussions."
SNSC member touching on probability of referring Iran's clear dossier to the United Nation's Security Council due to resuming activities at Isfahan UCF Nuclear Complex, said, "It has been repeatedly stressed in many IAEA resolution's that Iran's suspension of its nuclear enrichment activities is "temporary" and "voluntary".

It is against pure logic and international norms to refer a country's case to the UNSC due to ending a temporary suspension, under close supervision of the IAEA."
He added, "Any other negative effects due to this move, too, are out of question, unless they would be determined to treat us based on a different set of rules and regulations, which is a different issue."
Aghamohammadi added, "If the Europeans would aim at raising an unnecessary hue and cry once again today and create an unjust, severe atmosphere against us, they would naturally break all the bridges that both sides have built relying on painstaking efforts, reconstruction of which would be too tough."
He emphasized, "The US and Western threats cannot deprive Iran of its natural national rights and we believe Iran's quite natural move is made based on sound logic. Many people expected us to take this step a lot earlier and we do not even expect any IAEA member to ask for an emergency meeting of the UN nuclear watchdog to survey the matter."


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