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Younesi: Change of government not to affect nuclear issue

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, July 16, IRNA
Intelligence Minister Ali Younesi here Saturday said that change of the government and state administrators will not have any major effect on Iran's nuclear issue and consensus is expected to be reached on it jointly by the government, the nation and officials in charge as was the case so far.

Speaking to reporters, he referred to the nuclear issue as one beyond the scope of the government's responsibility and said that the state officials are determined to restore the legal right of the Iranian nation.

He added that no discrepancy has ever existed in this respect.

Predicting a bright prospect for the country's nuclear program, he noted that the Iranian nation with any type of thinking is determined to defend its indisputable right for access to peaceful nuclear technology.

He reiterated that this has nothing to do with parties, factions and political groups.

"Even those being taken as opposition reiterate the need for such access. a national concord has been reached on the issue and no one is able to oppose it," he added.

The minister said that multifaceted progress can only be materialized within the framework of the nuclear issue, of which the Europeans are well aware. "Even the US interference is of no avail," he added.

Concerning the verification of the information passed on to the US on the issue by members of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO), Younesi said that it has been repeated several times that they neither have any precise knowledge in this respect nor do they have access to it.

"What has been revealed by the MKO members have been clear facts and the US has rather acquired the needed information by spying.

"The information acquired by the US is false and has been obtained from unreliable sources, of which the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is aware," he added.

Turning to the fact that the US is aware that Iran's nuclear activity is quite legal and that the atomic energy is not used for military purposes, he noted that the US has no right to ban any country from its legal right of access to nuclear technology.

In response to a question about the visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Ibrahim Jafari to Tehran, he said that it is of great significance to Iran.

"During his stay in Iran, several memoranda of understanding (MoUs) in the domains of politics, economy and security are expected to be inked. The Intelligence Ministry is prepared to ink security agreements with the Iraqi government.

"We place special focus on Iraq's security and our security is associated with theirs," he added.

Pointing to the great number of commonalties between the two nations, in particular the enthusiasm of Iranian pilgrims to visit holy centers in Iraq, Younesi said that pilgrimage to the country requires promotion of security.

He added that the grounds have now been fully prepared for multifaceted collaboration in various security, political and economic fields.

About nuclear spies, he said, "The US and Israel are attempting to approach the Iranian nuclear scientists and researchers whose knowledge and expertise is somehow effective in promoting the national potentials in the sector.

Younesi warned the relevant scientists and experts to be vigilant during their visit to other countries to avoid falling prey to the enemies intelligence services.

"Unfortunately, a number of scientists specialized in the field, who were caught in such traps, have been identified and we are doing our best to release them," he added.


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