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Russia, Iran not to disclose schedule of nuclear fuel deliveries

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Feb 28, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- The chiefs of Russian and 
Iranian nuclear agencies signed on Sunday a confidential accord on the
schedule of Russia`s deliveries to a nuclear power plant that is built
in Bushehr. 
"I ask you not to fantasize anymore about the time of deliveries 
of nuclear fuel to Iran," the director of the Russian Federal Agency 
for Atomic Energy, Alexander Rumyantsev, said at a news conference on 
He said fuel would be delivered according to a `technological 
order of the plant that is being built by Russian specialists in 
"There is a clear technological order, and fuel will appear at the
plant as soon as it is ready." 
Rumyantsev told reporters in Bushehr that the signed protocol was 
confidential, `and I can only say that the order and schedule of the 
deliveries fully correspond to the technological process of plant 
Iranian Vice President Gholam Reza Aqazadeh added that the 
`document is secret`, but it outlines the time of fuel deliveries. 
Rumyantsev said he was quiet about criticism of Russian-Iranian 
cooperation in the nuclear field. 
He said at the conference that `this cooperation is in a strict 
accordance with international rules and accords`. 
"One can criticize, but I don`t understand what for. Those who 
meet a letter of the law deserve respect," he said. 
"Russian-Iranian cooperation does not violate any rules and fully 
meets a letter of the law." 
Checks and inspections regularly conducted by the International 
Atomic Energy Agency in Iran confirm this, Rumyantsev said. 

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