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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)


RIA Novosti

TEHRAN, February 17 (RIA Novosti, Nikolai Terekhov) - Iranian Defense Minister Ali Shamkhani has warned that Iran would strike back promptly and correspondingly in case of any attack on Iranian nuclear and civil facilities.

The press service of the Iranian Defense Ministry has quoted Mr. Shamkhani as saying that "any external aggression against nuclear and civil facilities of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be retaliated."

Mr. Shamkhani bluntly refuted recent media reports about a fighter attack and a missile strike at Deilam in southwestern Iran 220 km from the Bushehr nuclear power plant that is currently being built by Russian specialists.

The Iranian defense minister condemned "the Western media for spreading unverified and false information."

It was a targeted technological explosion that went off in the mountainous areas of Deilam during road maintenance work on Wednesday.

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