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Zionist Regime

Zionist Influence in the US

The Zionists have a pervasive influence in the US. This is something, which both US officials and Zionist leaders have agreed upon and put emphasis on its continuation. In order to maintain and enhance their power in the US, Zionists use different ways including control of the mass media and economy. Moreover, due to its high importance, the US presidential election has also become a focal point for Zionist political lobbying in the United States. In view of the fact the US president seems to hold the maximum power, the Zionists have done their best to impose their councilors upon him, in order to make the White House, world's biggest military decision-making center, a tool in their hands. A glaring example of this is the current incumbent George Bush who is under the complete influence of the Zionists. This happened in his first term in office with many of his aides and councilors either Zionists or linked to the Jewish Zionist Lobby in the US. Getting control over mass media is considered to be one of the ways for wielding big influence not only over the US presidential election, but over all aspects of American life. The recent presidential elections showed the increasing reliance of presidential candidates on media propaganda. In view of the Zionist influence over the mass media, one can understand more about their impacts in the presidential election.

In addition, the Zionists also have big influence over the US economy particularly in the financial and banking sectors. In the meantime, victory in the US presidential election is largely based on the amount of money that every candidate spends in the race. As American Political Analyst, Noam Chomsky believes the result of the US presidential election could be predicted by the amount of money spent for a candidate. Thus, one cannot deny the role of rich American Jews in the US presidential election due to their big influence over the US economy. These Jewish communities have expanded their influence over other elections in the US such as those for the Congress, the states and the Senate. The Jews in the US are the only group who try to support the interests of the Zionist regime. For example, the well-established and influential American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which has vast financial facilities at its disposal, plays a major part in this respect. This committee holds numerous meetings with top US economic and political figures and suggests plans in support of the Zionist regime. The AIPAC is actually the representative of Tel Aviv to support the candidate who is more inclined towards the interests of the Zionist regime.

Of the other means that increase the Zionist influence in the US, one can refer to the Jewish population in the US. Although, they only include two percent of the US population but due to their organized participations in the election, their influence is more than their numbers. Sometimes eighty percent of the Jewish Americans participate in the election, and because of the importance and role of the US states they live in; their influence is very considerable. With this in mind, the US presidential candidates try to win the American Zionist's support not only as a rich and influential minority but also as a group that can have big influence in the fate of the candidates. In short, the presidential candidates in every race try to win the support of the Jewish minority in every possible way. This happened in the recent presidential election between George Bush and his Democratic Rival, John Kerry who vied with each other to win the support of the Jewish endorsement. In order to win the Jewish support, John Kerry sent a Jewish emissary to address the Jewish Knesset. In addition to this, the Democratic Party sent more than ten thousands emails to the supporters of the Jewish community to hold some meeting with leaders and organizations of American Jewish community.

The Republicans also through publishing a list of Bush's services to Jews and introducing him as their close friend, did their best to make the Jews familiar with their interests. On the eve of the election, president Bush signed a new law that under which the US State Department is bound to confront what it calls anti-Semitism across the world. After signing this law, Bush in an extremist and illogical way declared that confronting anti-Semitism is a part of the defense of freedom. Of course, one of the aims of winning the support of Jews for presidential elections is getting the attention of international Zionism and the Zionist regime due to their pernicious influence in the result of the election. John Kerry in his campaign boasted that during twenty years of membership of the US Senate, he never voted even once against the security of the Israel. Kerry endorsed president Bush's policies for the massacre of Palestinians by Israel and even said that in case of victory he will take punitive measures against all countries that supported the Palestinian resistance. Kerry also endorsed the assassinations of the Palestinians figures, settlements of Jews in the Gaza Strip and building the so-called buffer or racist wall. George Bush also followed the same policies and could win more attention of the American Jews due to the tendency of the Neo-Cons. and Christian Zionists towards the Israel. His support of the Zionists in his first term was so clear and fervent that the Zionist prime prime minister Ariel Sharon called him a man of peace. Sharon went on to say that without any doubt George Bush is the most faithful friend of Israel. Therefore, Bush's victory in the recent election has been widely welcomed by the Zionist media. It proved that he has been elected for endorsing the atrocities and attacks of the Zionist regime against the Palestinians.

The Myth of Anti-Semitism

Friday 21 May  2004

May 14 reminds of a bitter event in the contemporary history of the world and the Middle East in particular. On this day in 1948, following years of terrorizing of Palestinians on their own land by waves of illegal Zionist immigrants from Europe, the illegitimate state of Israel was born. Armed Zionist gangs immediately drove away hundreds of thousands of Palestinians and the regime imposed war on neighboring Arab countries. Today, 56 years after the illegal creation of Israel on Palestinian soil by Britain and the big powers through manipulation at the UN, the Zionists continue to massacre the sons of the soil. But the irony is that despite its blatant oppression of, and its inhuman atrocities against Palestinians, the Zionist regime tries to portray itself as oppressed, and raises the dubious issue of anti-Semitism. It wants to tell the word that it is being discriminated against because of its Semitic origin, and unfortunately, the Christian world has taken the bait. Nothing could be far from the truth. The Zionist claim to being Semite is strongly rejected, since most of the Zionist settlers in Palestine are of East European Khazar stock with no ethnic connection to the ancient Israelite tribes. Of course, there are a small number of Jews who are descended from the Israelite tribes, but if the genealogies are to be studied properly, one would find many Palestinian Muslims and Christians who are of Israelite stock since their forefathers had accepted the messages of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and Prophet Mohammad (blessings of Allah be upon him and his progeny).

Thus, the Zionist claim to be Semite and actions against them as anti-Semitic racial tendencies is entirely rejected. As a matter of fact the vast number of present day Semites are the Arabs and some of their neighbours. The Zionist drama to play the role of oppressed is rooted in European history. In Europe, in contrast to the privileges the Jews enjoyed in the Muslim world, they were discriminated against, and this led to the coining of the erroneous notion called anti-Semitism in late 19th century and early 20th century Europe. In early 20th century, Zionism exerted itself and with the help of European powers who mischievously harped on the anti-Semitic theory by allowing Jews to migrate in tens of thousands to the Arab-Islamic land of Palestine on the pretext that the ancient Israelites were based in a part of this land. The Zionists succeeded through tricks and distortion to claim that the Jews were a nation in need of a land. This is how they entered Palestine and spared no evil effort to work towards the creation of the Zionist entity. Adolf Hitler's alleged massacre of the Jews came as a tailor-made plot and accelerated the rate of European Jewish migration to Palestine. Actually, it was the Nazi dictator, who because of his racist attitude on the claimed superiority of the Germans blew out of proportion the so-called Semitic connection of the European Jews.

After World War II, the Zionists exploited mistreatment of a fraction of European Jews, when in fact he had killed tens of millions of fellow Christians, and attracted sympathies towards them. Researches have refuted the myth of the holocaust and the alleged figure of 6 million Jews sent to the gas chambers by Hitler. In fact, the total number of Jews throughout Europe, Russia included, did not reach 6 million during the Second World War days. Barely three years after the end of World War 2, the Zionists succeeded in usurping a part of Palestine and calling it Israel. Several researchers are of the opinion that Hitler cooperated with the Zionists and their quest for statehood. French Thinker, Roger Garaudi in his book entitled "The Founding Myths of Israel" has rejected the theory of the holocaust on the basis of documented evidence. Hungarian Writer, Louis Marschalko in his book entitled "The War Winners" writes that there were no more than 1 to 1.5 million Jews when Hitler took power in Germany, and he could have killed not more 500,000 to 600,000 Jews, compared to the tens of millions of Christians that he killed.

France's Professor, Rubert Frisun published a result of his study of Hitler's so-called gas chambers in the daily Le Monde in 1978. He writes: "For years toiled in futility for any witness to the claimed gassing of Jews but found none. But instead, I found a very large number of documents to the contrary until I had to discontinue my research because of insults and threats against me.

Such an attitude towards the logical rejection of the myth of the holocaust indicates how much the European governments are under the influence of the Zionists and are prepared to sacrifice their own slogans of democracy and human rights on the alter of Israel. Some of these governments have unfortunately taken the Zionist bate and are blindly harping on anti-Semitism despite the growing awareness of their own peoples against the long term Zionist threat to Europe and the world. In an opinion poll conducted by the European commission in October 2003, over 59 percent of the Europeans considered the Zionist regime the greatest threat to the international peace. This angered Israel and the European officials were forced to apologize. Several seminars were held in the past few months on causes of the European people's opposition to the Zionist regime and Jews. The most important of them was held on April  28 and 29 in the German capital Berlin with the participation of high-ranking Israeli officials. The Zionist regime attempted at the Berlin conference to depict any criticism of the Zionist regime as anti-Semitism that deserves condemnations. Unfortunately the European governments have accepted this notion, when the savage measures of the Zionists have nothing to do with Judaism. Interestingly, a large number of Jews do not accept Israel. It is matter of regret that while European officials consider the exposure of Israel's crimes as anti-Semitism they act differently against Muslims. The fact is that the growing sentiments of the European public against Israel has nothing to do with anti-Semitism but lies in the Zionist regime's suppressive policies against the oppressed people of Palestine. This is a natural, since the Zionist killing of Palestinian men; women and children have aroused worldwide hatred of this illegal entity. The Zionist regime, meanwhile, shamelessly uses the ploy of anti-Semitism as a defence to hide its crimes against humanity in the usurped land of Palestine.

Hollywood, A Safe Haven For Zionism (1)

The Zionist movement that was founded in the late 19th century by Austrian Jew Theodore Hertzel has now spread like a spider web in countries like the US, dominating almost all American cultural, social, political and economic organs. When the New World was discovered, European colonialists, attracted by the abundant and virgin wealth of America, began migrating in large numbers to the new continent. Among them were some Jewish capitalists spurred by their covetousness for more wealth as well as the desire to breath free air, away from persecution from Europe. After a while, following the rebellion of the heavily taxed colonists against the British crown and the birth of the US, the crafty Jews started feeling the pulse of politics and economy in the new country. They realized the bonanza ahead although they knew that their numbers were not in proportion to their huge financial power. These wealthy Jews looked back across the Atlantic and encouraged their co-religionists to migrate to the America along with whatever wealth they had secretly accumulated in Europe, where the word Jew was synonymous for a despised miser.

The birth of the Zionist movement in the closing years of the 19th century came as a needed impetus to the Jews in the US. Very soon they spread their economic tentacles around the unsuspecting Christians through a widespread trade network involving alcoholic drinks, antiques, narcotics, gambling dens and money lending with high usury rates that evolved into the banking system. The economic clout made American Jews make a bid for political control of the US, and as per the protocols of the elders of Zionism, they found the press and the cinema as the most vital means of pursuing their ambitions. They thus moved into cinema in a big way with most pioneers of the American film industry being the first batch of European migrants such as Louis Meyer, Samuel Goldwyn, the Warner Brothers, and Irving Berlin. They first invested hugely in the cinema halls and theatres before embarking on film production. Eventually, these articulate Jews challenged the monopoly of film production that belonged to the famous inventor Thomas Alva Edison and his company in New York and the east coast, and founded their own cinema industry in the Hollywood suburb of Los Angeles in California in the west. Soon the rich Zionist migrants from Europe set up huge studious in the in the 1920s and started their rule of the film world at a time when poor European Jews were flooding into British-controlled Palestine to sow the seditious seeds of the illegal entity called Israel. Some of these studios that ruled the American minds unrivalled were Metro-Goldwyn Meyer, Universal, Paramount, Colombia, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers. The films with their glamorous scenes of seductive women, biblical themes, science fiction and espionage dramas with a liberal dose of nudity, violence, suspense and even magic, became a handy tool to lull the minds of the Christian majority and establish Zionist hegemony over the US. Jewish producers emerged as absolute rulers with directors and actors served under their command. During the world war years and its aftermath, films featured Nazi bashing and the supposed heroics of the Americans. In this way, Zionism took complete control of the film industry, fast eroding traditional American values and replacing them with the culture of drug addiction, promiscuity, breakdown of law and order and disintegration of the Christian families. Cheap commercialization ultimately proved to be the bane of the US society with Church attendance falling to an all time low while figures released by cinema houses showed that 75 percent of Americans went to the cinema at least once a week.

The Zionists used different cinematic methods to pretend its merger with the mainstream American society to the extent that the wealthy Jewish Film Producer, Louis Meyer calling himself as a true blue Yankee and celebrating his birthday on July 4, the American independence day.

The myth of the holocaust was enacted time and again on the silver screen to dupe the American public into believing this preposterous lie to be a historical reality. At the same time, Zionist propagandists used the same fascist doctrine of Nazism to promote in the American and society the superiority of the Israelites and their right to occupy the lands of the supposedly barbaric Arabs. Today, 57 years since the illegal birth of Israel on Palestinian land, Hollywood follows the same Zionist tendency without Americans ever suspecting how deep cancerous tumour had spread in their traditionally Christian society. So hypnotic was the effect that the Zionists made Americans indifferent towards Israel's horrific crimes against the poor Palestinian people. When Europeans started to realize the magnitude of the Zionist plot during the 1990s, Hollywood came with such deceptive films as Schindler's List, which portrays the supposed sufferings of Jews until the emergence of the so-called promised state of Israel and their deliverance. These films were designed to reduce the growing anti-Zionist feelings among the Europeans.

The activity of the Zionists in Hollywood is not limited to production of film alone but they made use of every opportunity to stabilize their situation. For instance during the 6-day June 1967 Israeli war against frontline Arabs states, American Actor, Jack Warner arranged a grand party for fund raising for the Zionist regime with famous such as Frank Sinatra and Burt Lancaster taking part. The party netted over 150,000 dollars for Israel's cause. This shows how skillfully the Zionists used their financial and political clout in Britain and the US to mislead public opinion regarding their inhuman crimes against the poor Palestinian people. Famous American Actor, Charlton Heston, an enthusiastic supporter of Zionism confirms the reality that Hollywood is under the hegemony of the Zionists. He admits that there is no actor in Hollywood who dares to utter a word against Zionism, for he will be condemned.

Hollywood, A Safe Haven For Zionism (2)

Yesterday we traced the arrival of Europe's persecuted Jews in the new world and how after the birth of Zionism, the wealthy Zionist migrants took control of American and by setting up the Hollywood film industry in Los Angeles, California, manipulated public opinion in the US through glamour, sex, violence, science fantasies, biblical themes etc. At the same time, the cinema became a tool for promoting Zionist thoughts and portraying the Arabs and Muslims as retarded people inclined towards terrorism. So articulate was the portrayal that a even the innocent minds of children were molded according to Zionist designs and a whole generation of Americans grew up thinking that the illegal entity called Israeli is a legitimate state. The name of Walt Disney is familiar all over the world and most children and even adults well know his animation characters. But few know that Walt Disney Company has been taken over by the Zionist lobby and its famous animation characters are being distorted from their original role as pure entertainment to the symbols of Jews constantly threatened by stronger and brutal rivals whom they eventually overcome through his smartness.

Such works have a great effect in presenting an unreal model to children and teenagers. An example is the Tom and Jerry animation, where Jerry, the clever mouse, outwits Tom, the stupid cat. Through these cartoons, the Zionists comparing themselves to a mouse terrorized by a cat seek to attract public sympathy in their favor. Another example is "Jumbo, the Flying Elephant" in which unlike other elephants wearing hawk bell cap, Jumbo's mother uses a Jewish skullcap and lives in captivity on the charge of defending its child. Jumbo forced to act in a circus hoists a flag like that of the Zionist regime.

Although, the Ugly Duckling animation is based on an old story, specific image manifestations have been used in it. The ugly character of the film turns into a pretty swan and at the end of the film it flies towards the sun. This is meant to symbolize that the Jews, persecuted and made to wander, finally achieve prosperity only when they go to the Promised Land. The phrase "flying towards the sun" among the Jews is considered a reference for return to the so-called Promised Land.

The Zionist viewpoint dominating Walt Disney films has resulted in the production of animations and films on the life of divine Prophets, like the Ark of Noah, the Life of Moses and the Life of Joseph. The producers claim to have adapted these accounts from the Jewish Torah, but a closer look reveals that the stories have been twisted and distorted to suit Zionist interests even if it means attributing negative points to divine prophets, who were free of all faults.

Even the films supposedly made for children by Hollywood have not remained unsullied from the contamination of Zionist thoughts. For instance the story of a child deprived of his inheritance or separated from the warm bosom of his or her mother, is meant to somehow remind of a so-called oppressed Jew who has been kept away from his motherland. Such films selectively quote from the scriptures with clear references to the land Palestine, which the Jews consider it wrongfully to be of their promised land. Among other Hollywood productions made on the basis of Zionist ideas is the series titled "Alone at Home", which depicts the life of a lonely child exposed to the enemies' attack. But the child smartly overcomes the enemies and punishes them severely. A simple glance at the theme of these films, is enough to convince that they implicitly refer to Israel's wars against the Arabs. In this series, the child is introduced as a symbol of a superior race and his enemies as idiot persons blocking his way to his safe home. Another glaring example of such Zionist scheming to brainwash viewers through Hollywood films is the animation "The King's Lion". In this cartoon, the lion is the symbol of Jewish hegemony over the world and according to the distorted version of the Torah: The heir of Jacob among nations will be like a lion in the forest, a ferocious lion among sheep that tears apart others and no one can hinder it. The Israelites will also stand against their enemies and annihilate them.

Thus, it is clear, cinema has become a media to propagate Zionist ideas with Hollywood serving as the vehicle to reach the world. A western Christian thinker says: Zionism has brainwashed world bodies by controlling and manipulating international news agencies. They fill up the minds of our youths and children with immoral films and whatever they want. By screening a two-hour film, the Zionists disturb the traditions and culture that teachers, schools, and families have taught for months on end.

Part 1

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 16 February 2004

For many years, the world has been witnessing that the convergence of the US and the Zionist regime and the unsparing support of the White House for the Israeli regime have provided the circumstances for more aggressions by this regime in the Middle East.

The killing of Palestinians, creation of insecurity in Syria and Lebanon, the extension of Israeli's nuclear arsenal and other such cases are a manifestation of the unity between Zionism and the US which has faced the region with a very dangerous crisis.

Zionism as a merely political movement declared its existence in the final years of the 19th century and in 1897 and started its activities. Concurrent with the outbreak of World War One, the link between the interests of big western powers and the Zionist movement paved the way for the issuance of the Balfore declaration and finally occupation of Palestine and the setting up of the Zionist regime. The issuance of the declaration of James Balfore the then British foreign secretary on November 2, 1917 the setting up of a national Jewish state in Palestine was actually the crystallization of these united interests.

Although the Zionist leaders were Laic and did not believe in the Jewish religion and did not even think of Palestine becoming a Jewish state, this was raised for the first time by the ruling colonialist powers in Europe, so that a Zionist state in the Middle East center would take care of their interests in this sensitive and strategic region.

Due to its location in the center of the Ottoman Empire and beside the Mediterranean and Suez Canal, Palestine is considered a very important area for Europe.

In this regard, Renowned Anti-Zionist Jewish Critic Musheh Menuhin says: " Until the 19th century, there existed nothing by the name of Zionism and it was the global selfishness of  the Europe of the 19th century that created the troublesome political nationalism named Zionism. For, the time had come for the British government to invent it, even if it didn't exist.

Therefore, factors such as the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, World War One and the contradiction of the European government's interests caused Zionism to declare its existence and Britain pave the way for its establishment in Palestine in the early 20th century.

It was evident that the British government did not want to accept the presence of rival powers and the allies of World War One in its regions in the Middle East and it was seeking to guarantee its monopolized interests in the region.

That's why the British government by paving the way for the immigration and settlement of world Jews in Palestine and converting this area into a national Jewish state created a strong footprint to provide its interests and dominate the Arab world.

After the passage of three decades of Britain's mandate over Palestine, all infrastructures in this land were destroyed by the Zionist movement and instead the economic, cultural and political centers of Zionism were created. Though the golden age of Zionist-British ties finally came to end after 30 years and due to the nationwide uprising of the Palestinians against Zionism and Britain in 1930s, the latter, in order to preserve its ties with the Arab world adopted, a policy different from that of the Zionists which resulted in confrontation between the Zionist movement and Britain.

It is noteworthy that the European supporters of the Zionist movement knew that in historical terms the Jews has no right in Palestine. In 1920 during the serious debates which took place in the British House of Lords on the mandate of Palestine and the Balfore declaration, one of the Representatives Lord Sydenham stated: "Palestine is not the land of Jews. But the Jews retook it after a savage killing of the Palestinians. If the Jews are the owners of Palestine, so the Romans can be the owners of Britain.

But with the outbreak of World War Two, the US appeared as a newly emerged power on the international scene and the scene of the Middle East policies.

The huge military power as well as the US-desired financial possibilities on one hand and the extraordinary influence of the Zionists on the US government on the other hand, caused the Zionist movement to resist against the new policies of Britain and to incline towards the US.

It is also evident that the then Imperialist covetousness in the world made this country views the Zionist movement as a suitable ally for its Middle East policies. The US particularly in the 1930s had realized the significance of the strategic oil resources in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf and had concluded important contracts with the regional leaders for oil drilling.

On the other hand, the Middle East states and specially the Arab world could turn into profiteering markets for the consumption of American commodities. All these caused the US government after holding the 1942 Zionist conference at Bilt More Hotel to officially announce its full support for the Zionist movement's policy to turn Palestine into a Jewish state.

At that time the British forces tired of World War Two could no longer resist the US by keeping its previous allies. Therefore, in 1947 Britain officially withdraw from Palestine and by announcing the end of its 30-year mandate, referred the issue of Palestine to the newly formed United Nations.

The UN, under the influence and domination of the then colonialist powers specially the US, approved at the General Assembly the tragic plan of the partition of Palestine in two Palestinian and Jewish states and in this way paved the way for the setting up of the illegal state of Israel on May 14,1948.

Just hours after the withdrawal of the last British soldier from Palestine, the first Zionist government in Palestine declared its existence under US support and vast parts of Palestine were occupied by the Zionists.

                                 Part 2

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 23 February 2004

The Zionist influence and hegemony in US structures and in the White House is an issue, which has been raised several times in world political circles. The Zionist hegemony over the US media, and political, military, social and economic structures is an issue which has always put forth the mutual influence of the US and Zionist regime on one another in the world of politics. Deputy Head of the Convergence Union of American Orthodox Jews, David Luchins says in this regard:

" Not only are we not a minority but are a majority and whatever we wish happens."

Revising the 55-year history of the occupation of Palestine and the declaration of the occupying Zionist regime's existence, we realize that US presidents without exception have met and conferred with Jewish and Israeli leaders. Credible documents indicate that annually one fifth of the overall US foreign aid is allocated to the Zionist regime. In addition, some foreign embassies and consulates have certain diplomats who have been assigned to allocate part of their activities to paving the ground for expanding relations with American Jews in order to preserve the interests of their country. There is a well known statement among foreign diplomats which says:

"If you seek an influential mediator in the United States to solve your problems, you can resort to the influence of the Jewish community."

But as to who those influential Jews in the US structures are and to what time their presence dates back is a question, whose response has been given in history as follows:

"Early in the 20th century, that is in 1916, Loise De Brandis was assigned by the Zionist leadership cadre in Europe to win the support of American Jews in favor of Zionism.

His initiative in introducing Zionism not as a nationalist movement but as to a humanitarian solution for saving the oppressed Jews raised the number of supporters of Zionism in the US from 12000 to 150,000 people. 

Brandis definition of Zionism is as follows:

"Support for Zionism does not mean the migration of a Jew or receiving a foreign nationality. But in order to have a better America, we should be a good Jew and in order to be a good Jew, we should be a Zionist."

The competence of this definition in taking members from the American Jewish society provided the preliminaries for shaping and organizing the American Jewish community.

Thus, after centuries, the American Jewish society was set up by the immigrating Jews and with the cooperation of European Zionists. The US was recognized as the preferential site where more harmony of Jews had been observed, compared to other western societies.

It is evident that apart from the interests of colonialist powers, the newly emerged Bourgeoisie of the European Jews in the 20th century was among the supporters and founders of the Zionist movement and establishment of Jews in America and Israel. 

Actually, the Jewish Bourgeoisie in the second half of the 19th century along with European Imperialism played a major role in the creation of a Zionist movement and settlement of the Jews in Palestine. For, the interests of the Jewish Bourgeoisie and Jewish religious leaders were seriously threatened in view of the economic and social situation of the 19th century and emergence of new tendencies among the Jewish communities of Europe.

Concurrently with the emergence of capitalism, the existing restrictions of the Jews were removed and Jewish communities were gradually absorbed in European nations. Therefore, the Jews freed in the west no longer considered themselves to be in exile or apart from European societies.

But they were referred to as British, French and other countries Jews. In the 20th century, this development inflicted a considerable blow on Judaism, which was the reliance of major Jewish bankers and factory owners. Hence, the class differences in Jewish communities and the efforts of the well to do people to withdraw from the control of Jewish religious leaders caused them to take the control of Jewish communities in a bid to deploy and strengthen a concentrated Judaism. The leadership had to focus on the Zionist movement. Zionism as a merely political movement by taking advantage of Jewish religion could serve as the Jewish Bourgeoisie arm.

Undoubtedly, Zionism was created by Jewish capitalists in order to re-establish the lost power of the Jews, prevent the gradual absorption of Jews in European countries and collect the capitals of the western Jews in a concentrated place. It was for this reason that the financial and political organs of the colonialist Jewish Trust and the global organization of Zionism were founded by European Jewish capitalists. Then, with their deployment in America and then in Palestine, a link was set up between these two. To the extent that now in the 21st century, one of the leaders of the American Jewish associations says:

"The American Jewish community has today succeeded at local, national or international levels to obtain what our fathers never thought about gaining. But now instead of them, their children have gained access to such a power in the US and this achievement stems from cooperation among Zionist Jewish organizations in the US."

Therefore, now after the passage of several decades, we see that the Zionists have succeeded in gaining seats in US political, social, economic and cultural structures and they can easily influence the US global policy and guide it as they wish.

The US unsparing support, the extreme dependence of US executive and non executive apparatuses on Israel, as well as the Zionist regime's influence on the diplomatic structure of Washington and particularly in the trend of US policy-making in the Middle East, further reveal the role and status of the Zionist Lobby in the US.

Part 3

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 1 March 2004

The immigration of the Jews to America as it has been mentioned in history dates back to 1492. In this year Christopher Columbus along with 300 Jews arrived in the American continent. They were driven from Spain after the termination of the Arab rule. But this was considered the beginning of immigration of Jews to the American continent. 6000 Jews who were known as the eastern Jews migrated to America in the early 19th century. Most of these Jews emigrated from Spain, Northern Africa as well as Arab and Asian countries especially from India.

Following this, the third wave of Jewish immigration to America began through 1815-1884 concurrent with the revolutions and movements in Europe. In these years, only the immigration of German Jews to America has been estimated at 100,000. During the years 1880-1930, the immigration of Jews from Russia and East European countries to America intensified and thus, the number of American Jews raised beyond 200,000. But in the 21st century, the number of Jews has exceeded 6 million which comprises 3 percent of the overall American population.

Among the foreign immigrants who have arrived in the United States, the Jews have been more successful in adapting themselves with disorders of the American community than other groups. The American Jews presently assume the key roles in the US political, economic and social structures. The American Jewish circles have supported the Zionist regime and even secure part of the Zionist regime's annual budget as one important source of financial and political aid.

The Zionist Lobby too as the lever of pressure on the US government functions very actively in pushing the expansionist policies of the Zionist regime in the Middle East.

In the political lexicon political lobby or political circle is applied to a group that have common interests and objectives and through penetrating in the political system of a third country and its parliament coordinate the political posturing of that country or even change it in their own favor in line with their objectives and demands.

The Lobbies usually pursue different activities to achieve their objectives including discussions with politicians, coverage of reports, speech making and analysis of laws and even sometimes the provision of a draft law and its presentation to the parliament of the country under influence.

After the end of world War II, the Zionist Lobby was turned into a very strong body on the US political scene. The efforts of the European Zionist Leadership Envoy to the US, Louis D. Brandis in 1914 for supporting the American Jews by provoking their feelings through raising "the rescue of Jews from foreign oppression" was conclusive and created the preliminaries to organizing the American Jewish community.

After the end of world War II, a vast network of Jewish organizations was set up that gradually dominated over all US political and economic structures.  In the latest figure released in the US, the number of the American Jewish organizations stands at 348 to with 500 synagogues to be added to it. The synagogues or the worshipping centers of the American Jews are not considered just as worshipping centers but centers for Jewish planning each of which tries to be active in social, cultural and even political fields. There is a common proverb in the American Jewish community which apart from satire can indicate a type of public approach of the Jews towards this organization. It says:

 "Judaism means membership in a Jewish organization"

Martin Best and Irek Rob in the books entitled "The American Jews and a New Glance at the US Social Visage," by presenting a figure of the Jewish influence in US structures say:

"The Jews comprise 26 percent of correspondents, commentators and officials of US politico-social circles. 59 percent of the best lawyers and authors are Jewish."

"13 percent of them are aged below 40 with heavy responsibilities and 40 percent of them attend US Congress. 7 out of 11 members of the US National Security Council are American Jews and thus except the post of presidency; the Jews are involved in all key government posts and jobs."

About 38 percent of the US government employees are Jews many of whom are working at high-powered jobs in the state department, defense department, treasury and Justice department and have access to the most important US military and government inside information. Presently, about 3 million Jews reside in New York and the rest of them live in the states which are known as the key states. California, Chicago, Boston, New Jersi, Florida, and Ohio are among the US states where the Jews are working in sensitive political and economic centers.

The influence of the Zionist Lobby in the White House is among the issues which has never been concealed.  Harry Truman the US President in the 1950s in his diary regarding the influence of Jews in the White House writes:

 "I have never seen such a powerful pressure and propaganda during the entire period I stayed in the White House."

Although the American Jewish community members have differences in some cases, yet they all are unanimous in one thing namely support for Israel. The ideology of support for Israel is raised as the major way of thinking among the US Jewish institutes and organizations all of which have placed in priority aid to and support for Israel. All this support dates back to 1897 that is the time when Zionism announced its existence.

Since their early days the Zionist leaders were seeking to set up a center to gain access to a solid power in the world.

Therefore, from the beginning of the 20th century, Zionist associations and unions started working in Europe and the US. During the second Zionist conference in 1913, the movement succeeded in spreading the center of their activities from Europe to America, Asia and Africa.

Among one of the most important centers for Zionists' activity, one can point to the "Jewish mission" which is now supervising Zionist organizations in 60 countries. These organizations are funded from the revenues of Jewish mission and other Zionist organizations as well as the financial aid of Jewish capitalists and tax.

According to the latest estimates, now one sixth of the total American Jews have joined an official Jewish organization in this country. The Zionist organizations in America are referred to the Jewish organizations which cite their first objective to be implementation of the Jerusalem program. The Jerusalem program considers all Jewish organizations committed to work in line with Zionist objectives. Of course, the role and significance of all Zionist groups in the US have always been changing.

These duties first include financial support and payment of some material expenditures. Whereas, in the course of time the Zionist Lobby through influence in the US political structures serves the interest of this regime in political and economic decisions.

The American author Gold Berg says: "The Jews are skillful in avenging any person or organization that stands against them. If anyone doubts this he can reflect on the stories of former US presidents who have stood against Israel."             

Part 4

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 10 May  2004  

The American Jewish committee was set up in America in 1906 by German Jewish immigrants in a bid to pressure the Russians to carry out reforms in the Jew's unfavorable life style, and to confront anti-Semitism. The founders of the American Jewish committee were a group of jurists, businessmen and rabbis. The constitution for the American Jewish committee was drawn up in the United States in a bid to improve the situation of Jews in Europe and counter any threat against the Jews. The first wide scale activity by the American Jewish committee started in 1911 following the staging of demonstrations for canceling the 1832 Russo- American commercial treaty due to Russia's anti-Semitic policies.

On this basis the committee organized its financial activity to encourage support for the immigration of Jews and in a bid to improve the life conditions of Jews. Following the setting up of the Zionist regime, the American Jewish committee supported the law on the return of Jews to Palestine and organized its activities on the basis of aiding Israel. The American Jewish committee cited that its objective was defence of civil rights and religious freedom of Jews in America and outside. In recent years the committee has concentrated on settling Jewish immigrants in the United States.

The American Jewish committee is comprised of different sections each of which assumes separate duties. The national council, the board of directors, the executive committee, the representative committee and the board of trustees comprise the structure of the American Jewish committee. The national council includes the leaders of the Associations of American Jewish Committee, the high-ranking and prominent political members and all members of the board of directors. The council holds meetings twice a year to look into important political issues and adopt decisions in this relation. The duty of the Jewish committee's national council is to elect high-ranking employees, the members of board of directors and the members of the committee.

In the board of directors, the members act as organs responsible for decision-making. The board of directors has  90  elected members out of whom 37 are honorary members, 16 others respectively include US national officials, the heads of the Jewish commission and committees, 26 of them are honorary vice-presidents and the rest are nominated for presidency in the committee. The executive committee and the committee of representatives hold the meetings of the board of directors and assume the responsibility of managing the stocks and investment of Jews. The development of income resources for the US election campaigns and granting remarkable gifts to electoral candidates are among the duties of the American Jewish committee's board of directors.

The American Jewish committee now has over 100 members and advocates all over the world and is considered one of the biggest Jewish organizations in the US. The leadership of the committee is entrusted to influential and powerful individuals who are more important compared to the number of the Jewish committee members.  Former chief of the American Jewish committee Morris Abraham in response to Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion in the 1950s who had asked how many members the committee has said:

"Mr. Prime minister we do not count our members, we weigh them."
Following world war two, the American Jewish committee changed the manner of its membership and turned to the small Jewish communities, trying to look into their issues of interest. Usually prominent Jews and non- Jews are invited to take part in the meetings of the American Jewish community. In these meetings one can well observe the political activities of the Jewish committee. In the annual meeting of 1976 considered as one of the major meetings of the American Jewish committee in the 1970s, the meeting of the committee's high-ranking leaders and members with the officials of the White House, state department, housing department as well as representatives of the Israeli embassy was placed on the committee's agenda. The meeting focused on local issues, the Middle East situation and the Arab's boycott of Israel. Then US president Gerald Ford, a number of American senators and the Israeli ambassador delivered speeches at the meeting and adopted joint decisions.

It is noteworthy that the committee has introduced itself as the cutting blade of American Jews, claiming that it has had a major share in the US political leaders' recognition of Israel.

The committee has under its watch the activities of the Congress, the White House and the Senate. The daily bulletins of the Jewish committee are sent for high-ranking Zionist officials with confidential news reports and information that usually comprise the basis of their decision-makings. The 97th annual meeting of the American Jewish committee was held, in 2003. In this meeting US president George W. Bush by stressing that the most important issue in US foreign policy was the provision of security for Israel, announced the US explicit support for Israel against terrorism. He said: "We call for a peace in the Middle East which is desired by all Israelis and we have stood beside our Israeli friends in the world."

Presently the American Jewish community has an active role in both the US local and foreign policy. In the local dimension mainly social issues and those of the minorities have been taken into consideration, in the foreign dimension the observance of so-called human rights by world countries and the Middle East conflict are taken into account, and in all dimensions, the interests of the Zionists, Israel and even the supporters of Israel are notified by the American Jewish committee.

In many cases, the committee accuses countries of violating human rights, rights of minorities as well as freedom of expression and religion, calling on the US congress to pressure the countries in question.  One of the countries the American Jewish Committee seriously opposes, is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The American Jewish committee's performance and viewpoints against Iran stem from the opposition of this country to the Zionist regime.

Therefore, the Jewish committee's lobby in the US congress has so far pursued a number of methods in its agenda against Iran some of which are   as follows:

First: opposing Iran and preventing its access to nuclear power plants.

Second: pressuring countries such as Russia and China to severe their nuclear cooperation with Iran.

Third: the allegation of human rights violation in Iran.

Fourth: accusing Iran of being a sponsor of terrorism.

Fifth: Denouncement of Iran due to its opposition to the membership of Israel in the UN Security Council. 

But the viewpoint of the American Jewish committee regarding Israel is considered the most important part of the committee's performance. One can dare saying that the committee has always been seeking to increase its support for Israel.

In 1963 the Jewish committee in order to further support Israel as the first Jewish organization set up its permanent office under the name of the Jerusalem office which later changed to the Middle East-Israel office in the Occupied Palestine.

The office plays a significant role in coordinating the committee and winning its support for Israel. The committee's all-out support for Israel actively started in 1967. In this relation, one of the Jewish committee's leaders says:

"Relations between the Jewish communities and Israel and the issue of the Middle East are the number one issues of the committee and there is no doubt about it."

Therefore the Jewish committee's activity regarding support for Israel is followed in up two methods. The first one is a propagandist method and includes the publication, and distribution of information about the committee's positions. Second the committee has supported Israel by using its traditional method that is holding secret talks with US political personalities, the chiefs of labor unions and leaders of minorities.

The American Jewish committee is based in New York and has covered a broad network of offices in the country and abroad.

32 local branches, 4 offices in the Middle East and Europe as well as affiliated organizations and associations are the connecting bridge with the American Jewish committee.

Part 5

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 17 May  2004  

The US Jewish Congress was set up after World War One in 1918 by Rabbi Stephen S.Wise, Louis De Brandis and Julian Mack. Its purpose was to look into the situation of European Jews. In March 1916, Brandis and Wise organized a meeting of 33 Jewish groups in the US state Philadelphia. In 1918, the US Jewish Congress dispatched representatives to the Peace Conference in Versailles, France, to lobby for the creation of a Jewish state in the Muslim land of Palestine. It gradually expanded to form an umbrella for small local Jewish communities and then set up legal and social commissions, for what it claimed the Defense of Civil Rights of Jews. The US Jewish Congress has a two-tier structure, the organizational and administrative. The organizational structure has 50,000 members from all 50 US states with most representatives hailing from New York. Every six months the commissions of the US Jewish Congress hold their meetings to discuss political and social issues. The chairman is elected for a two-year term. Its main center is in New York and it coordinates the affairs of other branches. The main branches of the US Jewish Congress are based in Chicago, Washington DC, Boston, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, Houston and Los Angeles. It also has a branch in occupied Beit ol-Moqaddas. Like all the other Jewish bodies that serve the interests of the Zionist regime, the US Jewish Organization enjoys vast facilities. These include buildings, affiliated institutes, Internet sites, printing press and huge sums of money in banks. It brings out a monthly that covers the cultural, social and political issues of the Jews and the Zionist regime of Israeli. It also publishes a quarterly titled 'Judaism.'

The US Jewish Congress is actively involved in Middle East issues and is outspoken in its support for the illegal Zionist entity called Israel. Its leaders believe that what is of prime importance for Israel is security and this is possible under the guise of peace plans that are in favor of Israel. It has always attempted to link American domestic issues and support for Israel. In 1973, the US Jewish Congress asked its members to buy government bonds floated by Israel during the October war to garner financial aid. Following the November 10, 1975 UN ratification that equalized Zionism with racism, the US Jewish Congress adopted a hostile posture towards the World Body. In 1982-83 it actively supported the Israeli invasion of Lebanon. It pursues a very hostile and war-mongering policy towards the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is quick to endorse any allegation that is raised against Islamic Iran.

An example of this anti-Iranian stance of the US Jewish Congress was the case of the 13 Jewish spies in Iran a few years back. It expressed its deep concern as well as that of the US administration and lobbied with the UN to pressure the Iranian government for releasing the 13 Jewish spies. Political experts believe that the avowed enmity of the US Jewish Congress towards Iran and other Islamic states including Syria, is evident by its defense of the state terrorism of Israel and its branding of Iran and Syria as terrorist states. The US Jewish Congress lobbies intensely for transfer of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the occupied Muslims city of Beit ol-Moqaddas and its recognition as the capital of Israel. It never spares efforts to magnify what it calls Arab threat to Israel and is a principal factor behind the supply of US financial aid and sophisticated weapons to the Zionist entity. The Late Palestinian Writer, Professor Edward Sa'eed of California university while describing the domination of the Zionist lobby in US structures, wrote that this lobby has confused the foreign policy of the US and has promoted the interests of Israel over that of US national interests. In view of these factors, the US Jewish Congress like other Zionist groups in the US is in effective control of Washington's economic, political and military policies pertaining to the Middle East. The Jewish lobbies function so skillfully in the US that not the least concern is evident in the American public opinion about their country being virtually controlled by the Zionists.

Part 6

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 24 May  2004  

The most influential Jewish body at the US Congress is the American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee or AIPAC as it is known by its abbreviation. It garners the majority of votes among all pressure groups in the US government. Therefore, AIPAC is of great significance to all US congressmen. During the 1960s, a US congressman wrote in his diary that: "When I was elected as a congressman from Springfield, Illinois in 1967, in one of the meetings with the congressmen I criticized Israel's June 6 military invasion of Syria. The Michigan Representative, William Brumfield told me with a smile on his face that what you said the AIPAC manager will hear. I realized that this was true."

AIPAC is even aware of the private conversations of the US congressmen especially about the US policy on the Middle East and if anyone criticizes the Zionist regime, his situation will certainly be endangered. AIPAC is actually considered one of the most powerful pro-Israeli Jewish organizations in America and has 200 Jewish groups as affiliated members. It means that about 2 million Jews support AIPAC through political or charity activities while other Jews express their loyalty by presenting financial aid to AIPAC. The commission has 50,000 members and annually by holding 200 meetings with US congressmen, it approves 100 bills in favor of Israel. The approval of the US Congress free 3 billion-dollar aid to Israel every year and opposition to Iran's peaceful use of nuclear energy top the AIPAC agenda.

AIPAC's official newspaper is the Near East Report. It has a circulation of 60,000 copies per day and most of the issues are bought by Jewish organizations. The rest are sent free of charge to newspaper offices and members of the US House of Representatives and the Senate as well as the high-ranking government and political figures in the US. AIPAC explicitly supports the Zionist regime's policies. Therefore, in many cases, there is a precise and calculated coordination between the positions of the US government and Israel. In 1981 when Israeli planes bombarded Iraq's atomic power plant, AIPAC immediately supported the Zionist regime's measure. Its information network acts very strongly. It has a widespread and powerful propaganda network. If a representative votes in favor of Israel, his news will immediately released through the AIPAC-affiliated publications and he will be appreciated. In case he speaks against Israeli and AIPAC ideals, he will be condemned immediately. AIPAC members have easy telephone access to all US lawmakers. It is also worthy to note that AIPAC has secret files on all US lawmakers and keeps under watch their activities.

AIPAC is openly involved in the election campaigns of the US Senate and Congress. AIPAC by taking advantage of 54 pro-Israeli-American associations tries to garner more votes in favor of candidates that are considered close to Israel. It spends colossal sums of money to buy the required votes in favor of their desired candidates. US Jewish political associations known as PAC are engaged in secret activities and they do not reveal the name of their members and even their affiliation to AIPAC. PAC embarks on fund-raising from American citizens especially the Jews inside and outside the US. The Daily Wall Street writes in this regard: "The high-ranking members of the US House of Representatives and Senate all believe that it is the money of the Jewish political associations which greatly affects the scene of the US foreign and local policy. It is noteworthy that whenever the US Congress Commission of Foreign Affairs wishes to make decision about the US aid to Israel, at least one AIPAC member should attend the meeting so that no one can prevent granting of financial and political aid to Israel. AIPAC is also heavily involved in US cultural circles. None of the US cultural personalities are immune from AIPAC threats and pressures. The well-known American Linguist and Political Expert, Noam Chomsky is among the people who are under the watch of pro-Israeli pressure groups. In this regard, Chomsky says: "At the end of every conference and speech which I deliver the details of my statements are reported to Jewish organizations and go into the file they have on me."

AIPAC has announced that one of its main goals is to counter Iran through pressure on the US government and determination of Washington's Middle East policy in favor of Israel. The day after the September 11, 2002 incident the Zionists tried to reap the maximum benefits. The Zionist regime' weakness against the Palestinian combatant groups and its failure in imposing its desired peace on Syria, Lebanon and Palestine has caused AIPAC to intensify its propagandist war against Muslims.

Therefore, the AIPAC Lobby by relying on the theory of Samuel Huntington referred to the September 11 incident as a starting point for the war of civilizations and made a wide effort to involve the west and Muslims in a new crusade. Huntington's assumption of war of civilizations and his warnings that after the end of Cold War, the spread of revolutionary Islam and Islamic fundamentalism are the main threat to the security and interests of the west has caused the Zionists to take advantage of what they see as a golden opportunity to encourage the west to a full-fledged war against Muslim countries and specially the Islamic Republic of Iran. 

Part 7

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 7 June  2004  

In early 1990s, the US-based New Leader Magazine made an interesting analysis of the Zionist influence in US presidential elections, saying: US presidents ranging from Roosevelt to Johnson have had assistants in the White House whose duty was to study the setting up of a Jewish ministry. During the 1960 presidential election, the two Candidates, John Kennedy and Richard Nixon took into consideration the Zionist demands and made such promises that it appeared they were contesting for the presidency of Israel rather than of the US.

Thus, as the magazine said the Zionist influence in the US is deeply linked with electoral organizing and specifically with the US presidency. The Jews are actively involved in American elections and wield considerable influence on US parties and political figures vying for control of sensitive posts. Without a doubt the Zionist lobby plays an effective role for the success of its agents supporting Israel. Zionist organizations channel vast sums toward the US elections in order to achieve their desired results.

The Zionists started their pressure on the US governmental system during the presidency of Harry Truman in 1947. In that year, Truman gave his consent to the plan to form the illegal state of Israel on the Arab-Muslim land of Palestine. In that year, the Jews pressured US congressmen by launching a wide spread propaganda in the US press and by pretending to be the innocent victims of the so-called Nazi massacre of Jews during World War 2. Truman as the US Democratic Party's candidate garnered the Jewish vote by promising to support the formation of the illegitimate entity called Israel on Palestinian soil. After being elected as president, Truman's plan to recognize Israel was opposed by his Secretary of State, George Marshal. Truman said in reply that he owed his election as US president to the Jewish vote, and has no choice but to recognize the formation of the illicit entity of Israel. After the formation of the Zionist entity, Zionist funds and the Zionist Lobby penetrated the US administration especially the decision-making. After John Kennedy won the US presidential elections in 1960 with a very narrow margin, he said in his letter to David Ben Gurion the Israeli prime minister: "I was elected by the Jews of New York and I wish to do something for them."

In the next presidential elections in the US when Democrat Lyndon Johnson won, the Zionists firmed up their foothold in the US administration by influencing the appointment of the US ambassador to the UN, the Head of the Supreme Court and the White House ational security advisor. After Johnson, Nixon continued the trend of attracting the support of Jewish groups who forced him to dismiss his Foreign Secretary, William Rogers and replace him with the notorious American Jew, Harvard university professor of political science Henry Kissinger. The power of the Jews during the time of Richard Nixon was to the extent that after the Watergate scandal the US Jewish society strongly criticized the US congress for censuring Nixon and forcing him to resign because of the scandal. Analysts say the majority of the US Jews are inclined towards the Democrats in the US but it does not mean that they are not with the Republicans. As a matter of fact the Jews in the US play on both sides and determine who for the moment is best suited in the promotion of Israel's interests. However, at the moment, among the Jewish members in the Congress, the majority are Democrats.

In the United States, presidential election is shaped not by direct vote but by a weird indirect system of voting where the people are not directly responsible. This is done through the Electoral College. Every presidential candidate who could win at least 270 out of the overall 538 votes of the College Electoral is declared the winner. But there is a noteworthy point that plays a key role in the victory and failure of the candidates. These are the 19 of the 50 American states where 71 percent of the American Jews have an active presence. On the whole these 19 states have 202 of the 535 electoral cards and for this reason are called key government states, although the whole Jewish population of the US is hardly three percent. Thus the candidates that are determined presidents have no other choice but to act according to the demands of the Zionist lobby and the interests of Israel. A former American senator has said that other minorities in the US are larger than the Jews and perhaps can mobilize more funds but they are largely inactive compared to the active involvement of the Jews who make no secret of their intentions to have Congress members and presidents tamely towing their line.

Part 8

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 14 June  2004  

Despite the challenged posed by TV, cinema is still considered one of the most powerful forms of media that presents and even imposes its viewpoints on billions of spectators all over the world. The Jews in view of their historical isolation especially by the European Christian powers, realized from the beginning the potential of the cinema as an effective means of propaganda to shape world public opinion. They quickly schemed to take control of the western cinema industry, especially Hollywood. American Born Jews, Carle Meyer and David Griffith along with Russian Born Jew Sergei Eizensteine, are considered among the pioneers of their race in Hollywood. Film Director Griffith is still known as a genius of the world cinema. In 1982 at the 45th Cannes Festival he was awarded a special prize. Although, the Jews exploited cinema soon after the holding of the First Zionist Congress in Switzerland in 1897, the 20th century saw the tightening of Zionist hegemony over the cinema industry. They bought up the leading film producing companies in America and the world. Today after a passage of half a century it is clear that the Jews have been dominating Hollywood. Many of the producers, directors, filmmakers, scriptwriters and actors are Jewish.

The first film which was produced to mould European feelings in the interests of Jews was the widely reflected, "Dreyfus Story", produced in 1899, two years after the Zionist movement was officially born. The films directed by the French George Millisi is the story of the supposed discrimination against a French military who is charged with treason for being a Jew. It was followed in 1900 by the movie  "A Goat in Search of Fodder". The film revolves around a Jewish family beset by hardships on migrating to Palestine. This was the first movie that implicitly laid the false Jewish claim to the Muslim land of Palestine. With the production of these two distorted films, Zionism started propagating its racist strategy in the cinema world with three objectives in mind. The first one was moulding of European feelings and sentiments in the interests of Jews. The second objective was to encourage the migration of European Jews to the Arab-Muslim land of Palestine, and third objective was to forge unity among world Jews for founding a racist entity. 

Dreyfus Story and A Goat in Search of Fodder were followed in 1901 with the film "The Accursed Son" and in 1904 with "Samson and Delilah. From early 1908 the Zionist cinema industry started its Mafia like hegemony over the cinema by manipulating American film-producing companies. Vitograph was the first US film-producing company that the Zionists took over. They used religion to deceive the Christian world and lull its mind to sleep through such films as "Judgement of Solomon" and "Saul and David." Soon other US companies such as Universal followed the lead of Vitograph to produce films on similar themes, like "Joseph in the land of Egypt'.

A glance at the names of directors and producers of the first decade of the 20th century reveals that most of those involved in the cinema were Jews. They concentrated on biblical topics to dupe Christian minds and in the process instill in them the sympathy and support for the Jews.

The second phase of Zionist hegemony over the Hollywood began in 1917 following the infamous declaration on occupied Palestine issued by British Foreign Secretary, James Balfour, who promised a state for European Jews in the Middle East. In the first decade of Britain's League of Nations mandate over Palestine, the film "Sons of the Soil" was screened. It depicted the Zionist campaign for occupying Palestine as the so-called 'Promised Land. It was followed by such provocative films as "My Father's Home," which encouraged European Jews to migrate to Palestine and take over the lands of the Arabs. In this film, Palestinians are portrayed as bloodthirsty people who joyfully drink a cup of wine mixed with Jewish blood. Such films provoked anti-Muslim and anti-Arab feelings in the west, although the reality is that Palestinians, like all other Muslims neither drink wine nor blood, both of which are forbidden in Islam and considered impure. "My Father's Home" ran into the second decade of the 20th century. It showed a Jewish youth struggling for retaking his ancestral home for hostile Palestinians, who were portrayed as occupiers. It depicts Palestinians as people indulging in corrupt and forbidden acts, who on hearing the Azan or Call to Prayer rush to the mosque to worship, then return again to carry out more abominable deeds. Such films managed to win the sympathies of Americans and Europeans for the Zionists. The trend continued against the realities of history, until in 1948, with the tacit approval of the US and Britain, the Zionist migrants from Europe, although they were still a minority, seized Arab homes and lands and after killing and expelling some 400,000 Palestinians, announced the illegitimate birth of Israel in May 1948.

Part 9

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 21 June  2004  

Following the illegal birth of the Zionist entity called Israel on Palestinian soil on May 1948 conspiracies entered a new phase in the world of cinema and how to extract maximum advantage from it in view of its affect on public minds. The Zionist entity's foreign ministry was entrusted with information archives of Hollywood films. The allocation of a huge budget to the cinema information archives clearly indicates the importance of propaganda for the Zionist movement and for Israel. In 1957 a special office was set up in Tel Aviv for collecting and distributing films produced about Jews over the past decades. The budget for production of Israeli documentary films in the 1950s stood at 1 million dollars, a considerable sum compared to the budget of that office. The Zionist regime launched an all-out propaganda to strengthen its tentacles on the world cinema and use it as a lever to mislead minds in the West as well as in the unsuspecting Third World countries. During this decade films such as 'The Ten Commandments,' directed by Cecil B. DeMille and Ben-Hur produced by William Wyhler hit the silver screen and captivated masses. The Ten Commandments was hailed by the Zionist controlled western media as "the greatest event in motion picture history." Ben Hur for its part was given award after award and called Biblical epic on the big screen. It tries to absolve Israelites of their plot against Prophet Jesus (AS).

These articulately shot films exploit the factor of religion to depict the Israelites as innocent and oppressed people, writhing at times under the tyranny of the Pharaohs of Egypt, and in other periods under the equally oppressive Romans. Zionism, by using the services of famous Hollywood actors such as Kirk Douglas, Charlton Heston and Elizabeth Taylor furthered its nefarious objectives. A conversion between a western journalist and American actor Charlton Heston on the reasons for such massive investment by Israel on the great cinema stars, disclosed the conspiracy of promoting Jewish concepts through movie dialogue in such a cleverly disguised way that even the great actors are helpless and have to merely act as dictated.

In this way scores of films with Jewish themes were dished out to the unsuspecting Christian masses as well as to Muslim deceived by the factor of religion. Until the late 19th century the Jewish lived in isolation in Europe and were confined to Ghettos for the treachery of the ancient Israelites against Prophet Jesus (PBUH). From Czarist Russia and East Europe, the Jews were forced to migrate to western countries. This isolation was broken up in the in the early 20th century, and Jewish leaders started openly calling for a state of their own with the help of European leaders. The Europeans in order to get rid of the hated Jews from their lands helped them migrate to Palestine and promoted the idea of Israel with an eye to controlling it as a base in the heart of the Muslim world. Britain after taking control of Palestine as a League of Nations mandate territory in 1920, facilitated the migration of European Jews to that part of the world and 1948 through a United Nations resolution declared the illegal birth of Israel. Thus, it was natural for Zionism to apply one of the strongest means of propaganda, that is, cinema to materialize its objectives. Therefore, from the beginning of film-making industry in the US, the Jews entered this field and they even produced films with Jewish casts in Yiddish language of the East European immigrants, but soon found out that English and other European languages were the most excellent medium for promoting their nefarious goals. In Palestine, Hollywood produced its first Zionist film under the name of Desert Sword in 1949. The film ridicules Arabs and Muslims and tries to portray the Jews as persecuted people defending what they mischievously call the promised land.

Part 10

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 28 June  2004  

During the 6-day 1967 Israeli war that led to the usurpation of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Islamic holy city of Bayt ol-Moqaddas by the illegal Zionist entity, American producer Jack Warner arranged a huge fund-raising campaign for Israel and himself contributed 150,000 dollars as cash aid. Among the leading actors who liberally gave tens of thousands of dollars to the war cause of Israel were Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster and Herb Albert. This was the result of the domination of Hollywood by the Zionist entity, which gradually purchased American film companies in order to turn them into virtual propaganda tools for Israel. Leading film-producing companies such as 20th Century Fox, Universal and Goldwyn were owned respectively by the Jews, William Fox, Carl Leammle and Samuel Goldwyn. Metro also owned by the Jews Louis and Myer was later merged with Goldwyn to become Metro-Goldwyn-Myer. It is worth noting that Myer was the son of a Jewish rabbi. The Los-Angeles based publication Free Christian News in its first issue of April in 1958 wrote: Cinema industry in the US has become totally Jewish and Jews either have no rivals or have driven them out of the scene. Hollywood is now dominated by the Jews and is now a city where virtue has been replaced by vice. In Hollywood, honesty is considered insignificant, properties are looted and no one can object.

The Free Christian News went on to add that the Jews have destroyed ethics in this part of the world. They have degraded manliness and honesty and destroyed the ideals of the American generation. It appealed for an end to this criminal tendency, pointing out that the greatest show, that is cinema, is sadly in the hands of Jews whose aim is to mislead audiences by distorting facts. The film Cast a Giant Shadow directed by Melville Shavelson in 1966 openly supported the cause of the Zionist terrorists. The Israeli army provided most of the facilities for the shooting and many of its personnel acted in the film. Hollywood actor, Kirk Douglas who played one of the main roles, was praised by the director as "a committed Jew before being an American actor."

John Wayne, Yul Bryner and Frank Sinatra were the other famous actors who featured in this film. The director, Shavelson, an extremist Zionist, later wrote in 1971 a book titled

"How to Make a Jewish Film." He explains his experiences in the cinema and speaks of his tricks of the trade to induce others. 

After the 1967 Zionist usurpation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Hollywood started portraying the struggles of the Palestinian people as terrorism. The emergence of the liberating movement of Palestine in the 1960s and the start of armed struggles against the Zionist regime made the Zionist cinema portray the Jews as civilized and the Arabs as backward savages. The tendency to portray Palestinians as uncivilized terrorists was stepped up by Holywood in the 1970s. The aim was to introduce Israel as a government that tries to live in peace and security by saving the Jews, while the Arabs are violent and war-mongering, whose only objective is to massacre Jews. In the 1970s, the Jewish cinema barons began to exploit science and technology for materializing their sinister goals. Steven Spielberg, a famous Hollywood director of the late 1970s, 80s and 90s put himself at the disposal of Zionism. He produced the film Duel in which the hero named David is a brave and wise Jew. In the 1980s, Spielberg produced ET the Extra Terrestrial by applying technology in the cinema industry and special effects to promote Zionist ideas. In 1994, Spielberg's film Schindler's List won the Oscar awards for the best film and the best director. Schindler's List is the story of an Austrian Catholic who during the Nazi occupation of Poland rescues Jews from the death. The aim of the film is to magnify the Zionist propaganda on the alleged holocaust. Schindler is at first in the service of the Germans. Then he becomes a staunch friend of the Jews and finally becomes a Zionist who migrates to Occupied Palestine and dies there. Towards the end of the film crowds are shown showering Schindler's grave with flowers as gratitude for saving the supposedly oppressed Jews. 

In 1982, Jewish director Eli Landau produced a movie titled The Chosen starring Rod Steiger in the role of a Jewish rabbi. The film won several international awards for its services to Zionism It is noteworthy that the Zionist domination over the cinema does not include only the western and historic movies but also comic strips and musicals with such actors as Bob Hope, the Marx brothers, Jack Lemon and Jerry Louis. Other Hollywood actors in the service of Zionism are Paul Newman, Richard Dreyfus, Al Pacino, Roger Moore, Richard Harris, Ryan O'Neil and many others.

Part 11

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 5 July  2004

Jewish Rabbi Rashvoon said long ago: "If we have wealth and gold to control as the first means of our domination over the world, the media should be the second one."

As part of this plot, during the 20th century, Zionism succeeded in concealing its crimes by resorting to propaganda and control of media in order to deceive world public opinion. In the US, the number of morning dailies are 339, while the evening dailies number 1759. Every Sunday 688 newsletters are published with a combined circulation of 52 million copies throughout the US.

In addition, there are 22,000 quarterlies and periodicals in the US. As many as 1700 publishers and distributors run this big show, of which half the magazines, dailies and newsletters are effectively controlled by the Jews. Jozeph Pulitzer is known as one of the most Famous Vanguards of the US press. He was a Jew and was born in Hungary. He arrived in the US in 1865 at the end of the American civil war. In 1878, Pulitzer brought out the "St. Louis Post Dispatch. In 1896 on the threshold of the formation of the Zionist movement, another Jewish migrant by the name of Adolf Ush started publishing the daily New York Time. It was the first step for domination of the US media by the Zionists, a hegemony that still continues. The present owners of the New York Times are the Jewish Pair, Arthur Ush and Julius Adler. From its inception the New York Times promoted Zionist ideals and theories and published articles by Zionist ideologues such as Hayem Weisman who later became the first president of the illegal Zionist entity called Israel. In April 1923, Weisman in his article in New York Times distorted the facts about Palestine.

Another leading US daily, the Washington Post, is also controlled by the Zionists and enjoys a specific status because of its circulation in US governmental offices. The Zionist hegemony over daily Washington Post dates back to 1933.

In that year the Jewish Born, Eugene Meyer bought the newspaper license from John McLain at a very low price, through a fraud. The Jews first resorted to negative propaganda and then pushed the paper to the verge of bankruptcy, before taking over its ownership at dirt-cheap prices by deceiving the simple and unsuspecting American Christians. This tactics was used in almost all publications currently owned by the Jews in the US. Presently, the Zionists have full hegemony over such newsletters such as Daily News, Newsweek, Star Leader, Sun Times and several other American publications. Mention can also be made of USA Today, one of the main newspapers of America owned by Alan Bohard, the US press and media baron, who is the owner of the Gazette Publicity Institute. He controls some 88 newspapers, 23 monthlies, 7 TV channels and 13 radio stations. Zionist hegemony has also penetrated scientific and art publications in the US. The cinema magazine Variety is one of the most important publications in which Jewish control is obvious.

In the 1990s, Variety published a statement signed by 171 Hollywood actors most of whom were Jews, saying they plan to allocate vast sums to support US candidates for the Congress who pledge commitment to the protection of Israel. The statement added that: "The best manner of defense of US interests in the Middle East is that at least 50 members of the US Congress should be those who hold the belief that the survival of Israel is the best guarantee for US interests in the region."

This is clear indication of the Zionist hegemony of Hollywood. In the same manner Zionist hegemony over US weeklies is also evident. Time and Newsweek are regarded as the best selling magazines not only in the United States but also in many parts of the world. Newsweek was set up in 1933 and four years later the Zionists took direct control of the magazine, when Jewish Born, Malcolm Meyer took over the weekly and also became its Chief Editor.

The Meyer hegemony over the cinema industry, newspapers, magazines and the audio-visual media of America runs very deep. Time magazine with its circulation running into millions is also fully controlled by the Zionists. Time is older than Newsweek and its set up dates back to the initial years of Britain's mandate over Palestine. Among the specialized US commerce publications Business Week enjoys a specific fame. This weekly enjoys a special credibility in US economic circles.

In Chicago the Zionists control the largest newspaper of the state, the Chicago Sun Times noted for its overtly anti-Islamic posture. One recently article says: "Communism is better than Islam, for, it is basically a western idea, which can be coped with, while Islam is difficult to understand except through violence."

Zionism has also penetrated American economic and scientific publications. Among these is the monthly National Geographic, which is noted for its pictorial coverage and excellent research on various topics. The Zionist influence over this magazine dates back to the initial decades of the 20th century and prior to the illegal birth of Israel. In 1915, in one of its issues it published a world map where the term 'Israel' was written for the first time beside the official geographical-political name Palestine.

Another famous publication under Zionist influence is the Readers Digest monthly. This has a worldwide circulation and is published in 16 leading world languages. It is devoted to the cause of Israel and is known for its articulately disguised distortion of Arab and Islamic issues.

Part 12

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 19 July  2004

Political observers believe that the relationship between the Jewish lobby and the US mass media is very intricate, and functions according to a complicated mechanism. The number of Jews working in the US media is too many, compared to their less than 3 percent population in the US. Most of the Jews are writers, chief editor and owners of major publications such as New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. According to the figures, out of each 23 operators of big media in the US, 11 are Jews. The Jews are actually the power behind the information media network. The powerful Silverman Jewish family runs America's leading news agency, the Associated Press. Chief editor, Jonathan Woolman, is also a Jew. It is noteworthy that in 47 of the US states, the news reports are received from one single source. Another Jewish family, the New House Brothers, has taken over the ownership of 30 newspapers, 12 TV stations and 87 cable networks.

The audio-visual media in the US is also under Jewish domination. One of the greatest American audio-visual companies is AOL Time-Warner, which was set up in the year 2000 with a capital of 160 billion dollars following the merger of Time-Warner with AOL. Following the merger, Gerald Levin, the Jewish head of Time-Warner, assumed the presidency of the company's board of directors and placed the Jews working in Time Warner in management posts of the new company. Time-Warner's income in 1997 was estimated at 13 billion dollars. Whereas the new company, AOL Time-Warner by purchasing new audio-visual networks such as the CNN has raised manifold since then. Presently, Jewish veteran journalist Walter Isaacson presides over the CNN newsroom. In 1998, HBO, as one of the greatest music production companies was set up as an affiliate of Time Warner and is now chaired by the Jewish Edgar Bronfmann. But the second leading company in the US whose income in the late 1990s was estimated at 23 billion dollars is Walt Disney. The present head of Walt Disney Company is an American Jew named Michael Eisner. He oversees many subsidiaries including the Mirax Film Division In August 1995 Eisner bought Capital City Company and ABC Radio TV network. This company has 10 private TV stations in different US states and coordinates with 225 stations. ABC has 26 private stations in different American states and a network of 3400 stations. In addition, Walt Disney's investment in US publications in the year 2000 brought it an estimated one billion dollars.

It is worth noting that Walt Disney, who founded his famous company 40 years ago, was a conservative, anti-communist Christian. He was strongly opposed to the employment of Jews in his company. Disney's anti-Jewish attitudes had turned his company into a base for anti-Zionist ideas. But after Walt Disney's death in 1984 Michael Eisner the son of a rich Jewish family from Manhattan, New York, took over the presidency of this company and began employing Jews in key posts. Thus the Disney company was speedily Judaized. Disney, under its new management that spawns publication of magazines, setting up of recreation centers and investment in US baseball and basketball teams as well as sale of toys and books rakes in a colossal profit. Walt Disney Company, which in the past promoted congenial family atmosphere and social stability through lively stories and cartoons depicting animal lovable characters, has now assumed a different role and is involved in the deliberate misleading of the American society. It now propagates violence, killing, moral corruption, promiscuity and release of depraved music albums in the name of entertainment. Eisner, the current owner of Disney is a notorious and self-confessed homosexual and promotes sodomy in the US under the label of gay relationships. Eisner sits on Hollywood's Pro-Homosexual Board and his commercial advertisements in homosexual publications like Ouch Magazine, bonuses given to gay couples, declaration of the National Day of Homosexuals at Walt Disney's World, have shocked many Americans. Over the past 15 years, Eisner has felt no inhibitions in insulting Christian sanctities and carrying out a fierce anti-Arab propaganda through Walt Disney. The influence of Jews in the American political, economic and social structures has penetrated most US art and cultural institutes as well. American Actor, Marlon Brando, who died recently, once said publicly that the Jews have put roots in Hollywood and taken control of it. Brando was hounded by the Zionist Lobby for his frank statement and was forced to apologize.

Part 13

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 26 July  2004  

The Jews of America and the world have for long years been extending their aid to Israel so that the illegal Zionist entity becomes an unrivaled military and atomic power in the Middle East. Besides the Jews, a new breed of Christians have emerged in the US called Zionist Christians, who have become more outspoken than the Jews in their support for the unholy cause of Israel. These Zionist Christians believe that the reappearance of Prophet Jesus (PBUH) depends on support for Israel. Cyrus Ingerson Scofield, Writer of the Scofield Reference Bible that has a million plus circulation says born-again Christians should be prepared for the battle of the last days, for as soon as the battle breaks out those who have reached salvation will ascend to  heaven and will attain the divine kingdom. His ideas are fast spreading among the evangelists and at present about 100,000 students in the US are preparing to become priests for propagating the viewpoint of the destruction of the world. These extremists believed that the Messiah would reappear in a place named Har Majeddon. In Hebrew Har means mountain and Majeddon means battlefield. In English this term is written and read Armageddon and means the final fight between good and evil. They believe that Har Majeddon lies a few miles from Haifa and Tel Aviv and is 15 miles from the Mediterranean Sea. They claim that all nations will clash at Armageddon in the fight led by the Messiah against the antichrist.

According to their belief the Messiah will establish a divine government at a site near Bayt ol-Moqaddas and for 1000 years will peacefully rule the world. Here the Jews and the Zionist Christians differ. The Zionist Christians say that with the coming of Prophet Jesus, the Jews have no other alternative, either to accept him and become Christians or risk being destroyed. Hal Lindsey the author of the book "The Late Great Planet Earth" writes that the Messiah will devastate the earth and burn its people. Only the faithful will survive. The gist of their theory is that the Jews are the instruments paving the way for the reappearance of Jesus. It is worth noting that in August 1985 the Zionist Christians held their first congress in the Swiss city of Basle, the same venue where Austrian Jew Theodore Hertzel created the idea of international Zionism in 1897. The Zionist Christians said at their congress 19 years ago that the best way for pushing the world to the war of the last days at Armageddon should be a destructive nuclear conflict. Therefore, those awaiting Jesus (PBUH) should take advantage of US broadcasting corporations like radio stations, TV channels, newspapers and even churches to propagate their weird ideas.

It has lately become a habit for Zionist Christians to address the US National Assembly of Religious Speakers to propagate their weird beliefs and to say openly that a nuclear holocaust is necessary for paving the way for the reappearance of Jesus. Pat Robertson, the Son of US Senator Willis Robertson of Virginia, a graduate of Yale University's Faculty of Law has employed about 1300 Christians to run the Christian CBN broadcasting network. In their barely concealed statements the Zionist Christians say that the acquiring of nuclear weapons by Israel is not a matter of concern and that there is no need to prevent Arab-Israeli wars. On the contrary they preach that Americans should pray for the outbreak of war in the Middle East so that it flames would engulf the entire world. The Zionist Christian preachers by collecting billions of dollars for Israel help have actually become the accomplices of Tel Aviv in its crimes against humanity. In the 1980s, the Zionist Christians annually extended some 5 billion dollars to Israel. The figure has greatly increased since then. At the official level, the US congress provides Israel's military expenditures under influence of AIPAC Jewish lobby.

Zionist Christians and their dangerous ideas of driving the world towards destruction have long penetrated the White House. The late US president, Ronald Reagan, was an adherent of this school of thought. In the 1980s in an interview with the New York Times, he said: "We should be fully armed for a real Armageddon and we might be the generation to witness it, especially since Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East." As part of this US designs in May 1986 the Zionist regime officially joined Reagan's Star Wars project, and on this basis designed the anti-missile system in 1988 with 150 million dollars initially paid by the US. The development of the missile cost one billion dollars and its successful test was carried out in 1994. Further improvements on this lethal system are already taking place. The proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East by the Zionist regime is thus a calculated step with the help of the Zionist Christians, although unlike the latter, the Jews do not believe in Jesus. On the contrary, the Jews openly insult Jesus and his mother, the Virgin Mary. But nonetheless the Zionist Christians continue to support the Jews and Israel as part of their misconstrued belief that only a bloody and destructive nuclear war will pave the way for the coming of Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

Part 14

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 2 August  2004  

Perhaps many of the world people have several times asked themselves that basically what is the difference between the terms of Zionism and Judaism? Do these terms have the same meaning or are opposite to each other? The answers to these questions were provided when Zionism declared its illegal existence at the Swiss city of Basle in 1897 through its Leader Theodore Hertzel, a Laic and irreligious person born in a Jewish family. In the last decade of the 19th century the common interests of British Imperialism and the Jewish capitalism led to the birth of the Zionism. Britain was seeking to breakup the Ottoman Empire in order to reach its colonies in south and southeast Asia. It therefore decided to support Zionism by casting its covetous eyes in the direction of the Muslim land of Palestine as a possible Jewish base. On the other hand, the Jewish capitalists, tired of the frequent bouts of persecution in Christian Europe, grew more and more nationalist incentives.

Thus, the Zionist movement by exploiting the religious sentiments of unsuspecting Jews focused its greed on Palestine with the help of the British government. The Jewish Critic of Zionism Moshe Menohyn, as a fierce opponent of what is described as the historic right of Jews in Palestine, believes that Arabs and other Semitic people have been living in Palestine for 4000 years long before the coming of the Israelites to this land. According to him Palestine was also called Canaan and its ancient people Canaanites. In his book entitled "The Jewish Critics of Zionism", Menohyn blasts the Zionist movement and says: Until the 19th century no Jewish political nationalism existed and it were the political objectives of 19th century Europe that brought about the idiotic concept of Zionism.

Olmer Berger, an American Jewish Rabbi, is also a strong Jewish critic of Zionism who writes in the book entitled "The Memories of an anti-Zionist Jew" that: In the late 19th century, the Jews of Europe by fancied the idea of nationalism in order to partake of the plunder of the world by European colonialists. For this reason, a number of irreligious Jews got together and named their nationalism as Zionism. They made common cause with the British in order to achieve their sinister objectives that are contrary to Judaism as a religion. Zionism has actually distorted the Jewish religion by creating Israel since there is no concept of a separate state for Jews until the promised Messiah appears.

British historian Arnold Toynbee has emphasizes in his writing that Palestine is an Arab land and the Jews, whether in the past or at present, have aggressively entered this land. He said: Prior to the founding of the Zionist movement by Hertzel, two thousand years had elapsed since the Romans had expelled Jews from this land. And of those of Israeli origin that remained behind had either accepted Christianity or Islam.  

Moshe Freedman, an Orthodox Jewish Rabbi, who is in charge of a synagogue in Veinna says: The Zionists exploited the myth of holocaust in Nazi Germany to portray themselves as oppressed. According to Freedman the Jews in the past had a peaceful life beside Muslims and Christians in Palestine. He goes on to add that devout Jews today have become the victims of Zionism like the Muslims and Christians. He points out that in Jewish holy scriptures God has not asked the Jews to occupy Palestine and massacre its people.

The Zionist movement through its propaganda has been for years trying to induce Jews all over the world that they should flock to Israel. In response the anti-Zionism Jewish rabbis have sought to expose the contradiction between the Jewish religion and the Zionist movement. The Jewish religious group, Neutora Karta of New York considers the illegal birth of Israel and the concept of the so-called Promised Land to be contradictory to the teachings of the Torah.

Neutora Karta leader Rabbi Graham believes that the Zionist movement is contrary to the ideals of the Jewish religion.

He says Israel is the main factor behind the emergence of violence and tension in the Middle East. Rabbi Graham points out that prior to the Zionist influx in Palestine, its people whether Jews, Christians and Muslims lived peacefully with each other. But now with the establishment of Israel, hatred and enmity have replaced affection and sincerity in Palestine.

Religious Jews who oppose Israel say the promises of the Torah are for the spread of justice for the entire world and all people and not merely Israel. That's why the anti-Zionism Jews believe that Israel is a regime, which has polluted the sacred Star of David.

Part 15

Influence of the Zionist Lobby in the US Structures

Monday 9 August  2004  

Official documents released by the US Administration indicate that over the past 56 years, the Zionist regime has received hundreds of billion of dollars in governmental and non- governmental aid from America. But as we said these are mere de-classified official documents and no one except the Zionist Lobby and the White House so far knows, the actual amount of American money flowing into the illegal entity called Israel.

The Zionist regime with a population of around 6 million is the main receiver of foreign aid from the US congress. The economic and military aid it has received for the 52 years from 1948 to 2000, is more than the total foreign aid Washington has given to all African, Latin American and Caribbean countries put together, with a combined population running into several hundred million people. A third of the US foreign aid budget flows into the coffers of Israel, which has the highest figures related to annual per capita income.

US military and financial aid during the first 19 years of the illegal existence of Israel was a hundred million dollars per year. After the June 1967 war and the occupation of more Palestinian territories by the Zionist entity, Washington increased its aid. From 1971 American aid to Israel was one billion dollars annually. From 1976 it rose to 2.5 billon dollars, and presently it stands at 3 billion dollars per year. Official figures indicate that the US has so far spent 134 billion dollars of the American taxpayers' money for the survival of the terrorist and racist state of Israel. In other words, the US annually gives 23,000 dollars to every Israeli citizen. The actual expenditure is far higher and has not been disclosed because of possible fears of backlash from the American public. These figures do not include the donations collected in the US by the way of so-called charity funds that also run into billions of dollars. In 1987 the US congress passed a law according to which out of public taxes, 1.2 billion dollars were to be given to Israel as economic aid and 1.8 billion dollars as military aid. In addition, the US provides the Zionist regime with state-of-the-art military technology such as F-16 fighter planes, and has even assisted it in making nuclear warheads. Half of the military equipment in Israel is supplied by the US, and these include missiles, helicopters and radar systems.

The US government by passing a bill exempting casinos from paying taxes has taken another step for funding the Zionist regime's budget, since most of the gambling dens in the US are controlled by Zionists. But despite all this aid, the Zionist regime is still facing 11 percent inflation and an employment rate of 13 percent. The military suppression of the Palestinians and the resulting economic recession has made Israeli economy totally dependent on American capital. According to estimates, in the current fiscal year the US economy would face a budget deficit of up to 537 billion dollars, because of having to shoulder the burden of the illegal state of Israel. In the 1990s American officials tried work out a peace pact, although one-sided, between the Arabs and the Zionist regime, in order to help Israel stand on its feet, and also to lessen the expenditure to this regime. However, due to the Zionist regime's racist and expansionist policies, not only the so-called peace plan of the White House officials did not materialize but now the Zionist regime's economy due to the crisis created by Ariel Sharon has become totally dependent on US financial aid more than at any other time.

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