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Russia to continue constructing Bushehr nuclear power plant

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, June 15, IRNA -- Russia is to continue the construction of 
Bushehr nuclear power plant despite a criticism voiced by the 
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) against Iran,said a Russian 
official on Tuesday. 
"Criticism of Iran in a report of IAEA`s Director General Mohamed 
El-Baradei to the agency`s Board of Governors has nothing to 
do with Russia`s construction work on Bushehr nuclear power plant," 
Interfax news agency quoted the unnamed Russian official as saying. 
THe UN nuclear watchdog has never been concerned about the 
Bushehr project. Therefore, Russia sees no reason to possibly abandon 
the project, he added. 
The Russian source underlined that the IAEA inspectors has not 
found any link between Iran`s nuclear project and its alleged efforts 
to produce nuclear weapon. 
The IAEA inspectors has inspected the Bushehr power plant several 
times but have not found any case of violations there, according to 
the Russian official. 

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