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Russia, Iran nuclear officials to discuss work at Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, May 12, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- Completion of (power) Unit 
No. 1 of the Iranian nuclear power plant in Bushehr and a number of 
other aspects of cooperation in the field of atomic energy will be the
central issues in talks between Russian Atomic Energy Agency Director 
Alexander Rumyantsev and Iranian Atomic Energy Organization Deputy 
Director Asadollah Saburi on Wednesday. 
Nikolai Shingaryov, an official spokesman for the Russian Atomic 
Energy Agency, said the agenda of the talks will focus on the schedule
of operation of the first power unit in the Bushehr power plant. 
"Apart from that, the sides will consider when and where they can 
sign a protocol on the return of spent nuclear fuel to Russia," he 
Shingaryov recalled that the Bushehr nuclear facility was part and
parcel of Iran`s nuclear program slated to be finished in 20 years` 
He also said Russia might take part in building the second power 
unit there. 
In the meantime, analysts said the Iranian leadership had made a 
number of pivotal statements regarding its nuclear plans recently. 
One of them came from Hossein Mousavian, secretary of the 
foreign policy committee of the Supreme National Security Council. 
According to Mousavian, Iran has plans to start talking with 
leading European countries within the next two or three weeks to 
build up trust in Iran`s nuclear programs and its scientists` uranium 
enrichment program. 
What is more, Mousavian added, Iran has not ruled out the setting 
up of a consortium with European countries and Russia to produce 
enriched uranium. 
His statements coincided with the last days of work in Iran of a 
team of inspectors of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). 
"The results of those inspections will be featured in a report 
that the IAEA director-general will present to the agency`s board of 
directors in June," said sources at the Russian Atomic Energy Agency. 
On the basis of the report, a final decision will be taken on the 
Iranian nuclear dossier, the sources said. 

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