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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Rowhani: Remaining issues with IAEA will be resolved

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Tehran, April 7, IRNA -- Secretary for Iran`s Supreme National 
Security Council (SNSC) Hassan Rowhani said Tuesday the recent 
agreements with the visiting chief of the International Atomic Energy 
Agency (IAEA) indicate that the remaining issues with the IAEA would 
be settled in the next two months. 
Talking to the domestic and foreign reporters following his 
meeting with ElBaradei, he said the next meeting of the IAEA Board of 
Governors in June would be more positive for Iran than the previous 
one held in March. 
Evaluating the process of the negotiations as positive, he 
expressed the hope that the final settlement of the case would occur 
in the near future. 
On his meeting with ElBaradei, Rowhani said that some points and 
questions were put forward by the IAEA head during a three-hour 
meeting and a timetable was worked out as to how and when the issues 
would be considered. 
He further expressed satisfaction over the outcome of his talks 
with the IAEA chief and noted that Iran is on the right path because 
it has managed to settle down a number of issues which were known as 
important a few months ago. 
Answering to a question on what Iran has to do for the IAEA, the 
SNSC secretary said that it has to take both technical and political 
measures which include talks with 35 countries comprising the Boards 
of Governors particularly Russia, China and the European states 
specially the three ones which have signed the Tehran statement. 
In answer to a question on whether Iran has agreed to stop 
enrichment of Uranium, he said Iran has neither discussed nor agreed 
on the issue, adding that only the voluntary suspension of the 
enrichment activities has been raised, and there has never been any 
debate on stopping such activities. 
Outlining the issues discussed during his talks with ElBaradei, 
Rowhani said that Iran has certain problems with the IAEA a number of 
which have already settled. 
One of the major remaining issues, he added, is the existence of 
contamination in some locations which have proven positive to the IAEA
probes and the source of the pollution has to be clarified. 
On the new schedule to settle the present problems between Iran 
and the IAEA, Rowhani said the new scheme has assigned no new 
obligations on Iran but Tehran has just to go on with its talks with 
the IAEA and answer to its questions. 
On Iran-Europe talks, according to the SNSC secretary, Iran has 
agreed to resolve the problems in a short span of time and then start 
a lengthy course of talks with Europe probably in May during which 
Iran will assure the Europe that its enrichment activities will never 
exceed peaceful purposes and in return get the promise of the 
Europeans that they will cooperate with Tehran in different areas 
including providing nuclear technical assistance. 
Rowhani stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran has nothing to 
hide from the IAEA because it has declared all its nuclear programs in
its October letter to the Agency and it has absolutely nothing to 
He pointed out that the enemies have always accused Iran of trying
to get access to weapons of mass destruction while Tehran has always 
stressed that such plans have no place in its defense doctrine and 
the fact that it has the right to possess nuclear technology for 
peaceful purposes. 
Pointing out that Iran`s enemies have been striving to make the 
world countries believe their harsh accusations against Iran, the 
SNSC official noted that all political, technological and technical 
efforts of Iran are aimed at proving the peaceful nature of its 
nuclear activities. Iran has made great achievements in this regard, 
he stressed. 
Regarding the issue of suspension of Uranium enrichment by Iran, 
he said that the enemies were once scattering the rumor that Iran was 
carrying out enrichment projects in Natanz and would soon develop 
atomic bombs, so Tehran decided to suspend the project for a while as 
a confidence-building approach. 
He said Iran will go on with its confidence building to a point 
where it feels such a trust has been well established. 
On contamination of certain nuclear equipment, Rowhani stressed 
that no new cases of contamination have recently been spotted in Iran 
and the past cases were about contaminated parts purchased from a 
Malaysian dealer who has admitted, according to the Malaysian police, 
to having sold contaminated second-hand parts to Iran. 
The SNSC secretary further pointed to the three important issues 
being considered by Iran and the IAEA as contaminations, P2 centrifuge
and the statements to be submitted to the Agency in accordance with 
the additional protocol. 
On the commitment of the European countries to Iran regarding 
nuclear energy, he said they fulfilled their promises in practice 
during last IAEA meeting by officially standing against the US. 
However, he admitted, they have fallen short of meeting some of their 
promises and there are still differences on the timetable of their 
Answering a question on whether Iran would quit the IAEA if its 
dossier is not closed there, Rowhani stressed that in that case Iran 
would surely show a strong reaction but it is unlikely to quit the 

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