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Nuclear fuel repatriation protocol with Iran to be signed soon

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, March 24, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- A Russian-Iranian 
protocol on the return of spent nuclear fuel from Bushehr nuclear 
power plant will be signed in Tehran or in Moscow in the near 
future, Iran`s Ambassador to Russia Gholam-Reza Shafei told Tass 
in an interview on Tuesday. 
Cooperation between Iran and Russia, he said, is "absolutely 
transparent and is being carried out in full compliance with 
international legislation and the applicable rules." 
"In view of Iran`s signing the supplementary protocol with the 
International Atomic Energy Agency and our commitment to the 
liabilities under the Nuclear Arms Non-Proliferation Treaty and the 
good political relationship with Russia, we hope that 
Russian-Iranian cooperation in the field of nuclear power will go 
on developing," the Iranian ambassador said. 
"Cooperation in building the first unit of the Bushehr nuclear 
power plant is continuing. The reasons why construction work has 
fallen behind schedule will be discussed when a senior Russian 
official visits Iran shortly." 
Ambassador Shafei said Russia and Iran had agreed to sign a 
protocol on the return of spent fuel to Russia. 
"Alongside this protocol a supplement must be signed to the 
comprehensive contract on the construction of the nuclear power 
plant`s first unit." 
The two sides are in the phase of active coordination of these 
documents, to be signed in Tehran or Moscow soon. 
"A second Bushehr reactor is a future project and more 
fundamental negotiations on it will follow," the Iranian 
ambassador said. 

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