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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Russian official: Moscow`s stands close to Washington`s on Iran`s nuclear programs

IRNA - Islamic Republic News Agency

Moscow, Jan 30, IRNA -- A Russian official told Russia`s Interfax News
Agency on condition of anonymity on Friday that the Russian 
Federation`s stands on Iran`s nuclear programs are getting close to 
The Russian official who did not even reveal his post attributed 
his conclusion in that regard to the outcome of the Thursday talks 
between the Deputy US Secretary of State in International Security 
Affairs John Bulton with Russian officials in Moscow on measures to 
be adopted to control weapons proliferation globally. 
The Russian official added, "Russia shares stands with the United 
States on the matter currently." 
He said, "On Thursday, the Moscow-Washington talks were not 
focussed on lack of clarity in Iran`s nuclear projects, but both sides
were concerned about the full implementation of the International 
Atomic Energy Agency`s Board of Governors` unanimously approved 
resolution on Iran." 
He said, "The IAEA`s Board of Governors is scheduled to meet in 
March, headed by its Chief Muhammad ElBaradei, to discuss the progress
achieved so far in Iran`s abidance by its resolution. 
The Russian official emphasized, "The atmosphere of talks on 
Iran`s nuclear projects between the Russian and American officials was
quite technical, and not overshadowed by political objectives at all."
The US Deputy Secretary of State Bulton was also scheduled to 
discuss Iran`s nuclear projects in his Friday talks with Russia`s 
Energy Minister Alexander Rumyantsev. 
The US Secretary of State Colin Powell, too, in his last week 
Moscow visit discussed Iran`s nuclear programs with the Russian 

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