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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Iran rejects explosion at Bushehr nuclear plant


Tehran, Dec 15, IRNA -- No explosion has taken place at Bushehr 
nuclear plant, official in charge of the plant`s public relations 
department Saber Zaeimiyan said on Monday. 
Speaking to IRNA, he refuted the recent news released by various 
news agencies on explosion at the plant as "fabricated and unreal`. 
Some of the news networks have tried to attribute the explosion 
pertaining to a military drill to Bushehr nuke power plant, he said. 
Certain news agencies and international news networks on Sunday 
and Monday reported the occurrence of explosion at Bushehr nuclear 
plant site, he said. 
A military official in the province announced here Monday that 
Iranian soldiers practicing with an anti-aircraft cannon fired two 
shells that failed to explode in the air and crashed into a minibus 
and a house, thus killing two persons and injuring 13 others. 

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