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Spent n-fuel from Iran may be returned to Russia by truck: FM


Moscow, Nov 10, Itar-Tass/ACSNA/IRNA -- Russian Foreign Minister Igor 
Ivanov has said that Iran is considering the conclusion of an 
agreement with Russia on the return of spent nuclear fuel from the 
Bushehr nuclear plant. 
He was speaking after talks the Secretary of Iran`s Supreme 
National Security Council Hassan Rowhani held in the Kremlin with 
President Vladimir Putin on Monday. 
"The conclusion of the agreement is a mandatory condition for 
nuclear fuel supplies to the Bushehr nuclear power plant," Ivanov 
In the Kremlin the Iranian side confirmed its readiness to sign 
such an agreement. 
Russian Atomic Energy Minister Alexander Rumyantsev earlier said 
that Russia and Iran had agreed in principle on the full return of 
spent nuclear fuel from the first unit of the Bushehr nuclear power 
plant currently under construction. 
Rumyantsev told Tass in an interview that the point at issue was a
supplementary protocol concerning the return of spent nuclear fuel 
that must be concluded in addition to the inter-governmental agreement
on the Bushehr nuclear power plant construction. 
"All nuclear fuel we shall supply to Bushehr will be brought back 
to Russia for storage and recycling throughout the whole life cycle of
the power plant," Rumyantsev said. 
"Russia has a 30-year-long record of spent nuclear fuel 
transportation from many countries and there have been no emergencies 
with radiation effects," Rumyantsev said. 
"Inside Russia spent nuclear fuel is most frequently moved by 
train in special containers of Russian manufacture that meet the 
toughest IAEA requirements in terms of radiation safety and protection
from theft," Rumyantsev said. 
"Fresh nuclear fuel may be brought to Iran and spent nuclear fuel 
from the first Bushehr reactor delivered to Russia by truck on the 
condition all safety measures are taken. We have sufficient experience
of such operations, too," he said. 

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