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Russia rejects US claim on blocking Bushehr nuclear energy project


Moscow, Nov 5, IRNA -- Spokesman to Russia`s Ministry of Atomic Energy
Nikolai Shingarev here on Wednesday rejected the US claim that Iran 
may stop the process of construction of Bushehr Power Station. 
In an exclusive interview with IRNA, he described the claim as 
incorrect and reaffirmed that Russia will not stop the project in 
"The conclusion of the construction process of the first unit of 
Bushehr nuclear power plant depends on several factors, specially 
technical aspects, which are expected to be settled shortly," he 
He noted that though the project is likely to be commissioned in 
2005, Russia will do its best to expedite the process. 
Turning to US claim on Russia`s change of policy towards Iran`s 
nuclear program, he rejected such a claim and said that his country 
does not intend to stop its cooperation with Iran. 
"Russia should have reasonable grounds to block the construction 
of Bushehr power plant, while there is no evidence of transgression 
of international laws by Iran," he added. 
In response to a question on politicizing the issue, he regretted 
that Iran`s nuclear activity is being too much politicized. 

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