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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Rafsanjani: Iran never seeks to gain access to nuclear weapons


Tehran, Sept 8, IRNA -- Vice Chairman of the Assembly of Experts Akbar
Hashemi Rafsanjani here Monday told the opening session of the 
assembly that the Islamic Republic of Iran never seeks to gain access 
to nuclear arms. 
"Any efforts for production and proliferation of weapons of mass 
destruction is considered as inhuman and unIslamic," he underlined. 
Iran`s access to the nuclear technological know-how is very 
important, he said adding that the claim by some countries in accusing
Iran for trying to gain access to nuclear technological know-how as 
being rooted in their enviousness and antagonism with the Islamic 
Their stance against Iran indicates the fact that Iran has access 
to this very exclusive and sensitive technology, he pointed out. 
Pointing to the use of chemical weapons by Iraqi troops during the
eight-year imposed war against Iran, Rafsanjani said Iran never 
considered to avenge this crime by resorting to the same weapons, he 
Enemies try to imply that the Islamic system is incompetent in 
order to mislead the young generation which is dangerous, he said. 

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