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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Palestine (undated)

Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei

They accuse Iran of terrorism. Iran does not advocate terrorism and does not give shelter to any terrorist. But the Islamic Republic believes that there are millions of young and free people throughout the Muslim world who hate the U.S. despots and occupiers. You cannot call them terrorists. You cannot call millions of people in Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Africa, Pakistan and Afghanistan terrorists. Today there are millions of people - whether in Afghanistan of yesterday or Iraq of today - who can see the cruelty of the U.S. Are they terrorists?! Are the Palestinian mujaheddin who defend their own country terrorists?! Those who have to face the Zionists' military tanks and heavy artillery and defend themselves?! How about the faithful youth of Lebanon who have resisted the Zionists' attacks and made the enemy withdraw from Lebanon and not dare to attack this country again? Are they terrorists? Israelis would not find any obstacle to move forward and even reach Lebanon without the brave young people of Lebanon. South Lebanon was under their occupation for many years; they reached Lebanon; they caused many unforgettable catastrophes. The faithful young people of Lebanon took lead from our glorious Imam and resisted them. It is because of these young people that Israel does not dare to attack Lebanon again. Are these terrorists?! The real terrorists are those who fight nations in their own houses.

The imperialists make great mistakes in terms of global issues. One of these mistakes is the condition the U.S. has put itself in because of its support for the Zionist regime. There are two phenomena about this regime today: On the one hand, the violence that the Zionists show towards the Palestinians which is really a bizarre and unprecedented story. On the other hand, the Zionist regime has come to a dead end. The U.S. mistake is in supporting the regime at such a dead end very openly. The U.S. has given the green light to the Zionists to commit whatever crimes they want to. This is a fatal mistake by the U.S. which cannot be made up for. This will be paid for. The Palestinian nation has shown that it is a capable and resisting nation. They have proved that it is possible to resist a dominating, armed, cruel and hostile regime barehanded. This is a lesson for other nations.

One of the important issues today is the problem of Palestine - which, thank God, has been treated well in our country. On the occasion of the demise of our late Imam there has been an attempt to hold an International Conference of Palestine. Essential and useful things were stated there. The Palestinian problem is the most important problem of the Muslim world. There is nothing above this problem in the Muslim world because the domination and the occupation of the Palestinian land and that of the Qods, in this part of the body of the Muslim nation, is the source of many weaknesses and problems in the Muslim world.

Of course, it is clear today that the U.S. has aided and abetted Israel in its crimes. The U.S. president introduces himself as mediator and then says clearly that supporting Israel is a part of our foreign policy. He openly and impudently shows himself as a supporter of Israel before the Arab world, the Arab heads and the Muslim nations.

Brothers and sisters! Today the struggle of the Palestinian people is set on the right path. One which will hopefully lead to victory. The important thing is that the whole nation has joined the struggle. Israel is a fraudulent, illegal and usurper regime. They took hold of the country from its indigenous people by means of power, cruelty and guile. Therefore, any negotiation that acknowledges the existence of this regime is doomed to be illegal and unstable. Of course, the Palestinian nation of today knows very well that the language of force is the only means the occupiers of Qods and Palestine believe in. The Palestinian nation knows that any kind of negotiation or agreement will bring about loss to the Palestinians. So they have begun their struggle.

The struggle begun by the Palestinian nation is not a struggle of an army against another army so that we might compare their abilities. The struggle is comprised of the lives of those who are not afraid of death. Every dedicated young man that confronts the occupiers is as threatening to them as a division. Tanks, missiles, fighters and Apache helicopters then will not be able to face such a man. When even one single person becomes so dedicated to God and the cause it becomes the greatest danger to the unfair materialists. So you saw how the U.S. officials took stance regarding these martyrdom-seeking youth. I would like to say that such stands are futile. This sense of seeking martyrdom is not an emotional one. It is based on belief in Islam and the hereafter. Where there is real Islam it becomes a danger to the imperialists. To dominate Palestine, the imperialists need to fight against Islam which implies fighting against the Muslim world. Such a struggle will lead nowhere.

The solution to the Palestinian problem cannot be found in imposition or telling lies. The only solution to this problem is that the original people of Palestine - and not the despotic and occupying immigrants - both the ones inside Palestine and those outside should determine the ruling system of their country. If relying on the public opinion of a nation for those who propagate democracy in the world is something true, then the Palestinian nation is entitled to make a decision. The despotic regime which governs Palestine today has no right to do so. It is a fake and illegitimate regime fabricated by the cruel powers. So they should not expect the people of Palestine to acknowledge this regime. Any one in the Muslim world who acknowledges this regime will feel a shame and a fatal mistake because this regime will not last for long. The Zionists assume that they could dominate Palestine and that it will belong to them forever. This is not true. The fate of Palestine is that one day it will be the country of Palestine. The Palestinians have begun a struggle on this path. The duty of Muslim nations and governments is to lessen the distance in time so that the Palestinian nation will realize that day soon. Today the Palestinian problem is the problem of the Muslim world. Whether we know it or not the fate of Palestine is the fate of all of us. If Palestine achieves victory due to its bravery it will be a victory for the whole Muslim world. But when the pain increases for the Palestinians it will be an increasing humiliation for all of us. The Muslim world should really take this problem as its own. What I am trying to say is that today we should treat this problem not merely as a religious issue but even go beyond that. Anything happening in Palestine will directly affect the Muslim countries whether far or near. Whatever the Muslim nations do for Palestine it is for their interest. When the British colonial plan supported by global imperialism separated that Muslim land from the mother land the intention was not just this land. Even that day they intended to dominate the whole region - which is the heart of the Muslim world. Thus today all of us are responsible.

Of course, the Palestinian nation has fulfilled its obligations as befits a brave and zealous nation. We all should know that the present despotic regime of the Zionists has been defeated till this moment by the determination of the Palestinians. The aim of their hostilities is to extinguish the Palestinian Intifada. To make the Palestinian surrender and put an end to their motivation for freedom. What they got was quite the opposite. Today the determination and understanding of the Palestinian nation as regards the Palestinian problem have grown drastically compared to the period prior to the Intifada. Now the Palestinians realize the depth of the evilness and cruelty of the usurper regime and its partner, the U.S. Once a nation reaches a stage where the only alternative is to welcome death bravely then nothing will be able to withstand it. Neither the Zionist power of tanks and artillery nor the political and financial support offered by the U.S. will be effective. The time is over when they made the Palestinian nation happy at the negotiation table in order to get points for their own. It is clear now that the negotiation table and dialogue with the enemy is a useless thing. The Palestinian nation is aware of this today and has taken the right path. The Palestinian mothers, young people, women, men and young adults are vigilant now.

Our great Imam had appropriately realized the reality about this problem. Since the beginning of this movement in 1962 when even the elites were not familiar with the Palestinian problem, the Imam's advice was that the danger of the Israeli domination must be known to all. All have to resist it. Then he followed this path and it became one of the great mottos of this divine man.

Leader on the US Confrontation with the Islamic World Although Washington was never a friend of the Muslims, the barely concealed hostility burst out into the open on September 11, 2001 when the 110-storey high twin towers of New York's World Trade Center were hit by mysterious aircraft that were supposedly hijacked by Arabs from Boston airport. Few believed what the White House said about the bizarre hijack story and the suspicious attacks on New York and Washington, but the US Administration took this as an opportunity to accuse Muslims of terrorism and launched a wide scale propaganda war against them. Since then the US has attacked and occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, where ironically the cliques in power were American surrogates without any connection to the people or to the tenets of the Islamic faith. Nevertheless the US intervened in these two Muslim countries and has subjected the people to humiliation. This has naturally fueled the anger of not only the Afghan and Iraqi peoples but also of the whole world of Islam.

The US is seen by world Muslims as the Great Satan, an epithet used against its evil nature by the Father of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini (may his soul rest in peace). In fact, the overwhelming majority in the world of Islam believe that the US is enemy number one of the Muslim ummah. On the occasion of the 14th passing away anniversary of Imam Khomeini, the present leader of the Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, in his speech to a million people gathered at the shrine of the late Imam, elaborated on the devilish policies of the US Administration against Muslims throughout the world.

Ayatollah Khamenei brushed aside the charges of terrorism leveled against Islamic states by the Zionist-controlled western mass media and said: All over the world there are millions of free-born youths and men who are seething with hatred against the US occupiers. Would you call them terrorists because they oppose the crimes of the US. How can you call the millions in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, North Africa and Pakistan as terrorists?

The defensive acts of oppressed nations against oppression by US-backed governments and aggression by the US, cannot be considered terrorism. It is in fact freedom and quest for independence. Defense against occupation and aggression is quite natural and legally accepted under international law. But who are the real terrorists? The Leader said the real terrorists are those who kill innocent people, destroy their homelands and make life miserable for them. So it is obvious that the biggest terrorists today are those who are backed by the US. For instance the illegal Zionist entity called Israel is the most manifest symbol of terrorism. Zionist terrorists attack people in their homes. Likewise, the US which under the pretext of fighting terrorism, attacks and terrorizes Muslim lands, is the most hated symbol of state terrorism.

Lebanon is among the Muslim countries which has borne the brunt of the Zionist regime's terrorism. The US not only supported the occupation of parts of Southern Lebanon by Israel for 18 years, but shamelessly termed the struggle of the Islamic resistance and Hizbullah to free the occupied parts of their homeland, as terrorism. Ayatollah Khamenei noted that southern Lebanon was under Zionist occupation for years, the Israelis wrought untold atrocities all the way to Beirut which are still fresh in the memory of the Lebanese people. It was only because of the faithful Lebanese youths who rallied to the banner of liberty hoisted by Imam Khomeini, that resistance started and the Zionist enemy retreated. Today, Israel dares not attack Lebanon because of the steadfastness of the Hizbollah. Are these faithful youths terrorist? No, certainly not. In fact, the real terrorists are those who attack, usurper and occupy the homelands of others. An example of terrorism is the occupation of Afghanistan by the US. Washington attacked Afghanistan after framing up its own operatives, the al-Qaeda network, for the September 11, 2001 events in New York and Washington. A year and a half has passed since the US invasion, but there is no sign of either Osama bin Laden or the Taliban chief, Molla Mohammad Omar, both of whom had ironically enjoyed American support in distorting the image of Islam and Afghanistan. As Ayatollah Khamenei pointed out that the Americans created some terrorists to inflict blows on the Islamic Republic but they failed to do so and today they have become captives of their own creation.

Today the focus has shifted to Iraq which the US has occupied on the pretext of establishing democracy and neutralizing the threat of the alleged weapons of mass destruction. But after two months of occupation, the Americans have neither found any traces of the weapons of mass destruction nor brought any freedom and democracy to Iraq. Addressing the American occupiers, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution said: Why don't you allow the Iraqi people to determine their own fate? What is the difference between you and Saddam? He pointed to the causes for the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, and said the US succeeded because the people in either country refused to support the Taliban or Saddam. But now that the Americans are refusing to leave Iraq, resistance against them is mounting every day. Ayatollah Khamenei exposed the real objectives of the US attack on Iraq and Afghanistan and said the American claims of supporting the people and human have been proved false. Today it is clear that Washington has neither any respect for the aspirations of subjugated people nor for the human rights. The only objective is to fill the coffers of big companies in the name of reconstruction to build the destroyed infrastructure. The US goal of attacking Islamic states is to loot their wealth. Another country exposed to intense US propaganda attacks is the Islamic Republic of Iran. Ayatollah Khamenei said the main reason for this psychological war is the Islamic vigilance and anti-oppression campaign led by Iran. He dismissed the US allegation of support for terrorism, and said: This is a big and shameful lie. They try to focus on the difference of opinion among Iranian officials in the hope that this would make Iran oblivious of the real enemy. Ayatollah Khamenei said: I tell you, the nation and the country's officials in all the three branches of the government are united in confronting the enemies of Islam and defending the principles of Islam.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution brushed aside any military threat to the Islamic Republic, saying: The Americans know that war with Iran is not a war with a government or a military setup, but a war with the whole nation. He issued a strong warning to the White House rulers and referring to their hostility with the Islamic world, said: These neo-conservatives who think they can conquer the Islamic world should know that ousting their own lackeys in Afghanistan and Iraq is one thing and confronting the whole Islamic ummah is another. As the events in Iraq are an indication, the US occupation forces have run into a stiff wall of opposition and the Iraqi people are determined to press forward with their struggle for liberation of Iraq from American opposition.

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