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Missing Indian An-32 Aircraft Located After Days of Searching

Sputnik News

12:53 11.06.2019(updated 13:26 11.06.2019)

On 3 June, an Indian Air Force (IAF) AN-32 with 13 people on board went missing after it departed from Jorhat.

The wreckage of the missing An-32 was spotted today 16 kilometres North of Lipo, North East of Tato at an estimated elevation of 12,000 feet by an IAF Mi-17 Helicopter scouting the extended search zone, the IAF said in a statement.

Debris of the An-32 transport military plane were found 8 days after it went off the radar. India used its remote sensing satellites, P-8I spy planes and ground forces to find the missing plane.

The plane took off at 12.25 local time (06.55 GMT) on 3 June and headed to the neighboring state of Arunachal Pradesh, where an hour later it was supposed to land at a military airfield near the village of Mechuka.

However, the connection with the aircraft was then lost.

On the same day, the Indian military, together with government and civilian structures, launched a large-scale search operation. The country's air and ground forces.


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