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India plans to make robot soldiers, robot mules

RIA Novosti

19:54 11/12/2011

NEW DELHI, December 11 (RIA Novosti) - Indian scientists plan to make robot soldiers and cargo transporting robots for country's army, head of India's Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Vijay Kumar Saraswat said on Sunday.

"We are working to create robot soldiers which could function like humans. Such robot needs a data base, an artificial intelligence to implement its tasks and the DRDO plans to make such robot," Saraswat told reporters.

He also said that the DRDO, research arm of country's Defense Ministry, planned to make a robot for transporting cargoes in the mountains. Such robots will be able to replace mules in country's army.

DRDO's previous invention, the Daksh remotely operated imitative electronic deception handling robot vehicle, has already been ordered by the Indian army. The country's military forces made an order for 20 vehicles in 2010.

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