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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

March 2003 - India Special Weapons News

  • INDIA TEMPLE VOA 31 Mar 2003 -- India's Supreme Court has rejected a government plea to lift a ban on religious activity around a disputed holy site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. The verdict has angered Hindu hardliners leading a controversial campaign to build a temple on the site, and they are threatening to take what they are calling "direct action" to gain control of the disputed area.
  • Powell, Straw Condemn Massacre in Kashmir Washington File 28 Mar 2003 -- In a joint statement, the United States and the United Kingdom condemned the March 23 massacre of innocent civilians in Kashmir as a "vicious and cowardly act."
  • U-S / BRITAIN / KASHMIR VOA 27 Mar 2003 -- Secretary of State Colin Powell and British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, meeting on the sidelines of the summit between President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair at Camp David, have jointly condemned last Sunday's massacre of civilians in Kashmir. They appealed to Pakistan and India to try to reduce tensions in the region.
  • INDIA/PAKISTAN VOA 26 Mar 2003 -- India has accused Pakistan of being involved in recent militant attacks in Indian Kashmir, including the killings of 24 Hindus earlier this week. New Delhi says it will use strength and resolve in dealing with Islamabad.
  • KASHMIR VIOLENCE VOA 25 Mar 2003 -- India's deputy prime minister has blamed Pakistan for the continuing violence in Indian Kashmir, where 24 Hindus were killed in an attack by suspected Islamic rebels on Monday. Lal Krishna Advani has visited the troubled region, which has witnessed a sharp surge in violence in recent weeks.
  • KASHMIR KILLINGS VOA 24 Mar 2003 -- In Indian Kashmir, unidentified gunmen have killed 24 Hindus, including 11 women and two children. The attacks come hours after a Muslim separatist leader was murdered. It is the worst outbreak of violence in Kashmir since a new regional government took power six months ago.
  • INDIA KASHMIR VOA 16 Mar 2003 -- In Indian Kashmir, an attack by suspected Islamic militants has killed 11-people, including nine policemen. There has been a surge of violence in the region in recent days.
  • INDIA/BOMB VOA 14 Mar 2003 -- Security is tight in India's financial capital Bombay, a day after a powerful bomb on a train killed 11 people and wounded more than 60 others. Meanwhile, police in the Indian capital say they have defused six bombs found in a plastic bag near a taxi stand at the city's main rail station.
  • INDIA/BOMB BLAST VOA 13 Mar 2003 -- A bomb blast has ripped through a train in the Indian city of Bombay, killing at least nine people and wounding nearly 50 others. It is the latest in a string of blasts to hit the city in recent months.
  • INDIA/KASHMIR VOA 13 Mar 2003 -- In Indian Kashmir, an explosion on a passenger bus has killed four people, and left nearly 20 others injured.
  • INDIA/TEMPLE VOA 12 Mar 2003 -- In northern India, government archeologists have begun excavating a disputed holy site claimed by both Hindus and Muslims. A court ordered the excavation to settle the conflicting claims to the site, but there are fears that the work may complicate the dispute.
  • INDIA ATTACKS VOA 08 Mar 2003 -- Indian separatists are suspected of launching attacks that have killed three people and engulfed an oil refinery in flames in India's remote northeastern Assam state.
  • INDIA/TEMPLE RULING VOA 06 Mar 2003 -- India's Supreme Court has deferred a ruling on a government plea to lift a ban on religious activity around a disputed holy site, claimed by both Hindus and Muslims.
  • INDIA / AFGHANISTAN VOA 06 Mar 2003 -- Afghan President Hamid Karzai has met top Indian leaders, signed a bilateral trade agreement and won a promise of financial assistance from New Delhi to rebuild his war-torn country. The Afghan leader is in the Indian capital on an official visit.
  • INDIA/ELECTIONS VOA 01 Mar 2003 -- In India, elections for four state assemblies are seen as a key test of strength for the country's ruling and opposition parties. Anjana Pasricha reports from New Delhi, the governing Bharatiya Janata party has lost ground in some recent state elections, while the opposition Congress party has made gains.

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