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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

February 2003 - India Special Weapons News

  • INDIA BUDGET VOA 28 Feb 2003 -- India's finance minister has unveiled a populist budget for the 2003-2004 fiscal year. This year's budget is designed to overcome India's low growth and rising unemployment.
  • INDIA NUCLEAR VOA 27 Feb 2003 -- India and the United States have resumed cooperation on safety issues in nuclear power plants. The cooperation was halted five-years ago, following India's 1998 nuclear tests.
  • INDIA ELECTIONS VOA 26 Feb 2003 -- Polls have closed in four Indian states that are choosing state assemblies. At least six people were killed in violence related to the elections. Turnout was high, with more than two-thirds of voters casting ballots in most of the states. The stakes are high for both the Bharatiya Janata party that leads the federal coalition, and the country's main opposition Congress party.
  • INDIA/HINDU TEMPLE VOA 22 Feb 2003 -- Thousands of Hindu nationalists have gathered in the Indian capital to put pressure on the government to allow them to build a temple at a disputed holy site. A radical Hindu group, the World Hindu Council, has convened the three-day meeting.
  • Fact Sheet: U.S. Penalizes Indian Entity for Aiding Iraq's Weapons Program Washington File 19 Feb 2003 -- The United States imposed penalties February 4 on the Indian entity, NEC Engineers Private, Ltd., and its president, Hans Raj Shiv, for "knowingly and materially contributing to Iraq's chemical/biological weapons (CBW) program," according to a Department of State fact sheet released February 19.
  • INDIA/PAKISTAN VOA 18 Feb 2003 -- India and Pakistan are replacing senior diplomats expelled by the two countries recently. But the move does not signal a thaw in the icy relations between the South Asian rivals.
  • INDIA / BANGLADESH VOA 15 Feb 2003 -- Bangladesh's foreign minister says he has made progress during a visit to the Indian capital that focused on ways to defuse tensions between the two countries over the issue of illegal immigration.
  • INDIA/MISSILE VOA 12 Feb 2003 -- India has successfully tested a short-range supersonic cruise missile. The missile was developed in cooperation with Russia.
  • Joint Military Exercise Called Example of New U.S-India Ties Washignton File 10 Feb 2003 -- The U.S.-Indian relationship has undergone a powerful transformation in the past two years under the leadership of President Bush and Prime Minister Vajpayee, said U.S. Ambassador to India Robert Blackwill February 10 at the United Service Institution of India in New Delhi, India.
  • INDIA/PAKISTAN DIPLOMATS VOA 10 Feb 2003 -- Top diplomats from India and Pakistan are returning home two-days after the neighboring countries ordered their expulsions. The diplomatic dispute has further strained relations between the South Asian rivals.
  • INDIA / PAKISTAN VOA 08 Feb 2003 -- India on Saturday ordered Pakistan's top envoy in New Delhi to leave the country, after accusing him of providing funds to Kashmiri separatists. Islamabad retaliated quickly, ordering the top Indian envoy out of Pakistan.
  • INDIA/BANGLADESH VOA 06 Feb 2003 -- India says more than 200 people stranded at the border between India and Bangladesh have been taken back by Bangladeshi authorities, ending a six day-standoff. However, it is not clear just where they went.
  • INDIA AIRBUS VOA 06 Feb 2003 -- French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin is promoting economic and defense cooperation with India during a three-day visit to the country. He also says France remains committed to preventing a war over the Iraq crisis.
  • U.S., India Sign Agreement Boosting Bilateral High Technology Trade Washington File 05 Feb 2003 -- U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce Kenneth I. Juster and Indian Foreign Secretary Kanwal Sibal signed an agreement February 5 to boost bilateral high technology trade between the two countries, including trade in dual-use goods and technologies, according to a February 5 Department of Commerce press release.
  • INDIA BANGLADESH VOA 05 Feb 2003 -- Tensions between India and Bangladesh are intensifying as a dispute rages on the nationality of more than 200-people stranded on their common border.

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