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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

February 4th, 1998

Address by
President Muhammad Hosni Mubarak
in the Ceremonial Inauguration of Egypt's Research Reactor

Your Excellency, Carlos Menem
President of Argentine Republic

    I'm pleased to welcome your being here in order to participate in celebrating the inauguration of Egypt's second Research Reactor which is the fruit of constructive cooperation between our countries, interaction of and concerted efforts by scientists, looking foreword to a better future for both nations.

    Scientists and nuclear safety experts in our countries worked together in all phases of design, construction, together with maintaining quality and safety. Several Argentinean and Egyptian companies took part in manufacturing numerous components. Greetings to every hand that helped accomplish that edifice.
Your Excellency,

    fortunately, your participation in this occasion coincides with the 50th anniversary of the exchange of relations between both countries. This occasion underlines the importance of enhancing friendship and intensifying cooperation between both countries who are keen on ensuring solidarity among developing countries. Moreover, these countries are looking forward to playing on effective role in laying down the foundation of the New World Order and its values at this crucial stage of human society.

    No doubt, this successful form of cooperation between Egypt and Argentina is considered an example, to be followed suit, of constructive and fruitful cooperation among countries of the South especially in the field of science and technology. It is our duty here to push foreword and extend this cooperation to reach wider scientific and technological horizons, in addition to, the cooperation in the field of investment, since both countries signed the agreement on the encouragement and protection of investment in May 1992. We will be looking forward to more cooperation between the countries of the South, after convening the 8th Summit of the Group 15 to be held in Egypt, next May. This summit will be devoted to study the recent developments in capital markets in addition to other issues of common interest.
Your Excellency,

    Egypt keeps pace with scientific progress and believes in the necessity of using science with all its potentials in the interest of individual and community welfare.

    In this context, we support the role of peaceful usage of nuclear energy for the purpose of pushing foreword sustainable development, through the transfer of technology for developmental purposes in order to guarantee a better life for man.

    To his end, concerted efforts should be exerted to reinforce the role of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), as an international organ of supervision and verification. This is to be achieved by supporting the Agency's guarantee system, reinforcing nuclear safety fields, disposal of radioactive waste, and striving to ensure abidance by all countries of the world with no exception by the Agency's system of guarantees and the requirements of making their nuclear facilities open for international inspection. With due observance to these principles, the new reactor is subject to the IAEA guarantee system.

    You know my friend that Egypt has been on the top of peaceloving countries which have rejected war, violence and destruction and has called for disarmament. Since 1974, Egypt has taken the initiative of proposing to render the Middle East nuclear-weapons free zone, calling all countries in the region with no exception to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

    In April, 1 990, Egypt took the initiative to render the Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction. This initiative has gained world-wide support based on the belief the necessity of discarding these lethal weapons and maintaining international peace and security.

    Correspondingly, Egypt hosted in April 1996 the conference for signing the declaration on rendering Africa a nuclear-weapons free zone.
Your Excellency,

    In, allow me to wish that this project will be a more clear-cut sign of deep cooperation between both countries, whereby higher economic rates will be achieved as we are stepping forward to the 21st century. I wish your brotherly people more progress and prosperity.

"May Allah's Peace and Mercy be upon you"

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