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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

September 26, 1998

Al-Baz: Egypt, capable of deterring Israel

    Dr. Osama Al-Baz President's Political Advisor stressed that Egypt is absolutely capable of deterring Israel on equal footing, calling upon the Jewish State to give up its nuclear powers.

    In his statements to Al-Ayam, a Bahrainian newspaper, Baz said that Egypt does not fear Israel politically or militarily. "We are capable of deterring it, and have the means necessary for that," he added.

    Al-baz said further that Israel must not exceed its limits or think of dictating its conditions on the Arab parties. "It must be fully aware that it can not deter Egypt, because Egypt is not an insignificant power, indicating that military balance is actually existing.

    President's Political advisor warned against the danger of Israeli nuclear programme, adding that "We take this point seriously, and are keen on developing our armed forces,". "Egypt has the right to raise the efficiency of its army in order to maintain its security and sovereignty," he said.

    Al-Baz made clear that Israel must sign an accord with the Arab states to put an end to its nuclear programme withen reasonable time because Egypt and other states will not accept Israel's possession of military advantage that hit the balance in the region.

    "They(Israelis) talk about the nuclear weapons as a psychological deterrent for the Arabs in order to submit them to its demands.We cannot accept such situation," he added.

    Al-Baz stressed that the notion of Israel's military superiority was refuted in the October 1973 war. He warned against the threat of Israeli plans to develop its biological and chemical weapons.

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