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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

August 10, 1998

Baz underscores Mubarak's call to rid ME of mass destruction weapons

    Presidential Political Advisor Dr. Osama Al Baz yesterday underscored the significance of President Mubarak's call to rid the ME of all forms of weapons of mass destruction.

During his meeting Sunday with students of the Alexandria-based Abu Bakr El Sedik Camp, Dr. Baz underlined the importance of Mubarak's call to dismantle nuclear weapons around the globe, including those owned by the superpowers, adding that this could be done over a reasonable and phased period of time.

In reply to a query on Israeli nuclear threats to the Arab countries, Dr. Baz pointed out that from the practical aspect there are no threats of Israeli nuclear weapons especially as Israel is quite aware of the fact that the Arabs possess the ability to deter and the ability to answer back.

The ME peace march is stalled at the present but it has not yet been killed," Baz said. "Syria and Lebanon are keen on establishing peace in the Middle East on the basis of the Madrid terms of reference and the signed agreements," he added.

"The US Administration is expected to declare within a week to ten days, all what is going on regarding its initiative," he explained.

"The present impasse in the peace drive is detrimental to all parties including Israel and thus it is in the interest of all to seek various options and alternatives and not to depend on one option," he said.

Baz cited the Egyptian-French initiative which calls for holding an international conference to salvage the flagging peacemaking and said the propsed conference will be attended by Egypt and France besides the US, other EU members, Russia, China, Japan, and a number of Arab and Islamic countries.

Baz reiterated Egypt's stand that condemns terrorism, pointing out that the US, being the more affected party, has not enough information yet on the two blasts.

"It is dangerous to accuse any party of involvement in those explosions and we should await the outcome of investigation," he said.

Dr. Baz voiced Egypt's regret over the killing of innocents irrespective of their nationalities and condemnation of all acts of terrorism. He called upon the world states to cooperate in fighting this dangerous international phenomenon.

He, further, egged on European and Asian countries which harbour terrorists to decide on their stances to get rid of this phenomenon and not to allow terrorist leading figures to move freely under the pretext of liberty, sovereignty of law and human rights, as those matters do not serve any just cause for the human kind.

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