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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

2010 Egypt Special Weapons News

  • Egyptian Opposition Figure Calls for Election Boycott VOA 08 Dec 2010 -- A leading opposition figure in Egypt has called for a boycott of next year's presidential election and warns of possible violence if the government does not enact political reforms.
  • Election Monitors Allege Widespread Fraud in Egyptian Vote VOA 06 Dec 2010 -- Election monitors in Egypt say widespread fraud marred the country's parliamentary election that is expected to produce a landslide victory for President Hosni Mubarak's party.
  • Polls in Egyptian Runoff Close Under Protest VOA 05 Dec 2010 -- Egypt held a second round of voting for parliamentary elections, but with two major opposition groups pulling out because of what they say has been widespread fraud. President Hosni Mubarak’s ruling National Democratic Party is expected to win in a landslide.
  • US Disappointed by Reports of Egypt Poll Irregularities VOA 30 Nov 2010 -- The United States says it is "disappointed" with the way Egypt conducted its parliamentary elections on Sunday.
  • Elections in Egypt Expected to Produce Gains for Ruling Party VOA 28 Nov 2010 -- Egyptians voted Sunday in parliamentary elections that are expected to increase the power and influence of the ruling party of President Hosni Mubarak.
  • Election Concerns in Egypt Ahead of Sunday's Polling VOA 27 Nov 2010 -- Voters in Egypt are preparing to cast ballots Sunday in the country's first parliamentary elections since 2005, as complaints are made of election violations and harassment from opposition and rights groups.
  • Egypt's Ruling Party Calls for Probe of Independent Candidates VOA 25 Nov 2010 -- Egypt's ruling party has asked the public prosecutor to investigate 52 candidates who are running as independents in Sunday's parliamentary elections.
  • Egyptian Court Orders Halt to Parliamentary Vote in Alexandria VOA 24 Nov 2010 -- An Egyptian court has ordered parliamentary elections halted in most of Egypt's second-largest city after its directives to reinstate disqualified candidates, many from the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, were ignored.
  • Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Finds Going Hard in Race for Parliament VOA 24 Nov 2010 -- Days before Egyptians begin the first round of parliamentary voting, rights groups have expressed concern about an increase in security forces cracking down on members of the opposition. High on the list of those facing intimidation are members of the Muslim Brotherhood. The administrative court in Egypt's second largest city has ordered that most of the elections there be suspended after earlier orders to reinstate disqualified candidates were ignored.
  • Egypt Rejects International Election Observers, Domestic Monitors Frustrated VOA 22 Nov 2010 -- The Egyptian government has rejected calls to allow international monitoring of parliamentary elections to be held next Sunday. The government says foreign oversight would infringe on state sovereignty. However, there are indications that authorities are also not keen on domestic monitors.
  • Egypt's Ruling Party Announces President Mubarak Will Run Again VOA 22 Oct 2010 -- The Egyptian public, the press, and the country's opposition appear to be taking the news that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will run for sixth term as president next year with little surprise, despite rumors about his health.
  • IAEA approves area for first Egyptian nuclear plant RIA Novosti 18 Sep 2010 -- El Dabaa, an Egyptian region lying 183.9 miles away from Cairo, corresponds to all international requirements and is appropriate for establishing the first Egyptian nuclear power plant in it, IAEA experts said on Saturday.
  • Egypt's President Chides Opponents in First Live Speech VOA 06 May 2010 -- Egyptian President Mubarak has warned political opponents and reformists against "chaos" in his first live speech since surgery in Germany.
  • NPT Conference to Discuss Iran, Mideast Nuclear Weapons-Free Zone VOA 04 May 2010 -- Delegates from around the world are at the United Nations in New York, taking part in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty review conference.
  • Egyptians Protest 30 Years of Emergency Law VOA 03 May 2010 -- Egypt's decades-long emergency law makes it difficult for opposition groups to rally.
  • Egypt's ElBaradei Weighs Presidential Bid VOA 22 Feb 2010 -- Mohammed ElBaradei is a well-known figure because of his long-career abroad with the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. An enthusiastic crowd met him Saturday at Cairo airport as he returned home after a long absence.
  • Egypt to build its first nuclear power plant RIA Novosti 08 Feb 2010 -- Egypt will build its first nuclear power plant in the Mediterranean coastal town of El-Dabaa, reviving the country's civilian nuclear power program after more than two decades, the El-Ahram newspaper said on Monday.

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