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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

What Does Misreport Aim at?: KCNA Commentary

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Date: 06/01/2020

Pyongyang, January 6 (KCNA) -- Revealed once again is the true nature of Japan which leaves no means untried to realize its wild ambition.

Ahead of the New Year, NHK reported that "a north Korean missile fell in the waters 2 000 kilometers east of Hokkaido" and after over 20 minutes it corrected its report, saying it was "a mistake" and "a misreport", stirring the world.

Such "misreporting" that is often seen in Japan which brags of so-called high technology can be thought of as a mistake at a glance but it assumes too dangerous of an aim to be taken just as a mere mistake or misunderstanding.

It is a clear expression of the ulterior motive of Japan to incite a terror-charged atmosphere against the DPRK in its country and take the advantage of it to hasten the modernization of its armed forces for reinvasion.

This was proved by Japan's media revelation, at the time when the "misreport" was aired, that the Japan Defence Ministry was planning to update the existent missile defense complex loaded with medium-range surface-to-air missiles from 2020 and complete it within a few years.

Japan has so far "steadily" laid a stepping stone to become a military giant for reinvasion under the pretext of coping with someone's threat and it has now really buckled down to the preparation for it.

The dangerous attempt of the Japanese reactionaries running riot to make the island nation a war state again is being denounced by the public.

In November, 2019 a nationwide demonstration against the constitutional revision was launched in Japan on the occasion of the Day of Promulgation of the Pacifist Constitution and there was assertion that "the Pacifist Constitution that prohibits war and the possession of the armed forces must be maintained", which is a typical example of it.

Eliciting social support for the revision of the constitution is emerging as the most urgent task for the Japanese reactionaries who are preoccupied with the wild ambition for militarism to recover the past position of a colonial suzerain state and for Prime Minister Abe who set the revision of the constitution as his greatest political aim.

It is the "misreport" racket that the Japanese reactionaries conceived out of intention to kill two birds with one stone by arousing the public sentiment.

Foreign news, saying NHK had once made the similar false report in January, 2018, unanimously commented that "the probability that all of these are deliberately created by the Abe regime to maintain its hostile stance against the DPRK can not be ruled out."

They strongly criticized that it is hard to understand that such a "whopping mistake" was made by the state-run media of Japan and that the "irresponsible mistake" must not be treated lightly at the acute moment as now when such a false alarm can touch off an armed dispute.

The trickeries of the Japanese reactionaries designed to incite terror and repulsion towards the DPRK among the Japanese and mislead the attention of the international community can never work.

If Japan obsessed with the ambition of reinvasion behaves just like a guilty party filing the suit first, it will precipitate its destruction. -0-

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