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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

President Kim Il Sung Won Victory in Anti-Japanese War by All-People Resistance

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Date: 14/08/2019

Pyongyang, August 14 (KCNA) -- The 20-year-long anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle ended in the victory of the Korean people on August 15, Juche 34 (1945). Korea's liberation from Japan's colonial rule was the outcome of the heroic resistance war waged on a nationwide scale.

Since the latter half of the 1930s, President Kim Il Sung made preparations for the all-people resistance together with the party building, united front movement and building of mass organizations, while expanding the armed struggle along the River Amnok and in the homeland centered on Mt Paektu.

The President convened the meeting of the officers of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) and the chiefs of small units, groups and revolutionary organizations in the Tumubong secret camp of the Sinhung area secret base in February 1943 at which he set forth the three-point line for national liberation the content of which were the KPRA's general offensive combined with the all-people uprising and joint operations behind enemy lines, and indicated tasks and ways for carrying out the line.

According to the line, the preparations for the all-people resistance were further stepped up.

Resistance organizations including the Kim Il Sung Corps, the National Liberation Corps and the Rajin People's Armed Corps were formed in different parts of the homeland by the efforts of the small units and groups of the KPRA and political operatives dispatched by the President.

All the armed resistance organizations and people established temporary secret bases throughout the country and made such preparations for armed uprising as wresting weapons from enemies, manufacturing weapons, doing military exercises and securing food, clothes and medicines.

According to the order of launching a final attack operation issued by the President on August 9, 1945, all the resistance organizations of the homeland responded to the advance of the KPRA units to smash the enemies.

At last, the outstanding ideology and leadership of the President, who aroused the entire nation to the nationwide anti-Japanese resistance war from the first period of the anti-Japanese revolution, defeated Japanese imperialism and liberated the country. -0-

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