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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Guides Power Demonstration Fire of New-Type Tactical Guided Weapon

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK

Date: 26/07/2019

Pyongyang, July 26 (KCNA) -- Kim Jong Un, chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea, chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and supreme commander of the armed forces of the DPRK, guided the power demonstration fire of a new-type tactical guided weapon Thursday.

Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces Kim Jong Un personally organized and guided the fire of the new-type tactical guided weapon as part of the power demonstration to send a solemn warning to the south Korean military warmongers who are running high fever in their moves to introduce the ultramodern offensive weapons into south Korea and hold military exercise in defiance of the repeated warnings from the DPRK.

Watching the preparatory processes for launch at the fire position together with leading officials in the field of the national defence science, he learned in detail about the operating mode of the guided weapon system to be newly deployed for operation. Then he mounted the observation post and guided the power demonstration fire.

The power demonstration fire gave satisfactory verification once again to the efficiency indicators of the system.

And it must have given uneasiness and agony to some targeted forces enough as it intended.

Carefully watching the overall process of the fire, the he said that today we could understand better the superiority and perfection of the new-type tactical guided weapon system. Saying that he was gratified by the direct confirmation and conviction of the rapid anti-firepower capability of the tactical guided weapon system and the specific features of the low-altitude gliding and leaping flight orbit of the tactical guided missile, which would be hard to intercept, and its combat power, he noted that the fact about the development and possession of such state-of-the-art weaponry system is of huge eventful significance in developing our armed forces and guaranteeing the security of the country by military force.

Explaining the accompanying officials and the leading officials in the field of the national defence science the annoying situation in the south of the Korean peninsula, he said that the ultra-modern weapons and equipment which the bellicose forces of the south Korean military are introducing with desperate efforts are definitely offensive weapons and their purpose is absolutely clear. He stressed it is a work of top priority and a must activity for the security of the country to steadily develop powerful physical means and conduct the tests for their deployment for neutralizing those weapons posing undeniable threats to the security of the country immediately and turning them to scrap iron at an early stage when it is considered necessary.

He said that the south Korean authorities show such strange double-dealing behavior as acting a "handshake of peace" and fingering joint declaration and agreement and the like before the world people and, behind the scene, shipping ultra-modern offensive weapons and holding joint military exercises. He emphasized that we can not but develop nonstop super powerful weapon systems to remove the potential and direct threats to the security of our country that exist in the south.

Giving the leading officials in the field of the munitions industry and national defence science the direction of researches into important strategic and tactical weapon systems for continued development, he set forth methodological issues for further consolidating the nation's capabilities for self-defence.

He said that his advice to the south Korean chief executive to understand in time the danger the developments will possibly bring, stop such suicidal act as the introduction of ultra-modern weapons and military exercises and come back to the proper stand as in April and September last year is addressed to the south together with the news of the power demonstration fire.

The south Korean chief executive should not make a mistake of ignoring the warning from Pyongyang, however offending it may be.

The power demonstration fire was watched by officials of the Party Central Committee including Jo Yong Won, Ri Pyong Chol, Hong Yong Chil, Yu Jin, Kim Jong Sik and Ri Yong Sik. -0-

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