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Iran Press TV

North Korea: US bringing nuclear war to region

Iran Press TV

Mon May 1, 2017 8:31PM

North Korea says that the US is responsible for bringing the region to the edge of a nuclear conflict, while vowing to boost its nuclear arsenal "at the maximum pace."

While the conflict "between the DPRK and the US has lasted for more than half a century… the US aggression hysteria has never reached such a height and the situation on the Korean peninsula has never inched close to the brink of nuclear war as in the period of the recent drills," said a spokesman for the country's Foreign Ministry on Monday in reference to joint US and South Korean naval drills.

The spokesman added that in light of the US's increased pressure on Pyongyang, the North will start to bolster its nuclear deterrence at maximum speed.

He further noted that the North's "powerful nuclear force" is the only thing that stands before the US committing "the same brigandish aggression act in Korea as what it committed against other countries." The spokesman also noted that the US is "the chieftain of aggression and war, and harasser of peace."

Tensions with North Korea and the US have soared in recent weeks. Washington has repeatedly warned "all options are on the table" regarding Pyongyang.

The US has recently deployed aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson to waters off the Korean Peninsula in a show of force. The USS Michigan nuclear submarine joined the strike group earlier this week.

On Saturday, North Korea test-launched a ballistic missile, which according to South Korean officials, exploded shortly after liftoff.

Pyongyang, already under a raft of sanctions for its missile and nuclear programs, says it is developing arms as deterrence against the US threat. North Korea has also said that it would not abandon its missile and nuclear programs unless the US ended its hostility toward Pyongyang.

The North, which has so far conducted five confirmed nuclear tests and numerous missile test-launches, is believed to be preparing for its sixth nuclear weapons test. While Pyongyang has not fired missiles against other countries, it has vowed strong action -- including missile attacks against South Korea -- if it was invaded by the South and the US.

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