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N Korea to Have Missile Able to Reach Seattle by Trump's Term End - Ex-CIA Chief

Sputnik News

20:21 30.11.2016(updated 22:31 30.11.2016)

The North Korean government will likely develop a nuclear missile capable of reaching the US city of Seattle by the end of President-elect Donald Trump's term in office, former CIA Director Michael Hayden said on Wednesday.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – Earlier on Wednesday, the UN Security Council held a meeting in which it unanimously adopted a resolution on new sanctions against North Korea in response to the country's nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

"I really do think it is very likely that by the end of Mr. Trump's first term, the North Koreans will be able to reach Seattle with a nuclear weapon onboard an indigenously produced intercontinental ballistic missile," Hayden said in an interview with MSNBC.

In 2016, North Korea has conducted two nuclear tests and at least 25 launches using ballistic missile technology. In response, the UN Security Council has held nine emergency consultations on North Korea.


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