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Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

KCNA Commentary Dismisses Obama's Remarks as Hypocritical

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, September 20 (KCNA) -- The U.S. is resorting to sleight of hand to disguise itself as "apostle of peace".

During his recent Laos visit Obama made a string of remarks about "moral and humanitarian commitments" and "support to actions for removing unexploded bombs" before those who were disabled due to the air raids made by the U.S. in Laos during the Vietnam War.

What Obama uttered is nothing but shameless and cunning sophism reminiscent of a wolf imitating the bleat of a sheep. It is no more than cynical ploy to cover up the nature of the U.S. as the heinous war criminal that has frantically perpetrated aggression and wars in different parts of the world for several centuries.

As Obama confessed this time, the U.S. dropped more bombs in Laos than those done over Germany and Japan during the Second World War and 80 million bombs among them still remain in farmlands, mountains, villages and rivers across the country as dud ones.

It is said that it would take more than 300 years, which is longer than the history of the U.S., to remove the unexploded bombs that were dropped over Vietnam at that time. This fact goes to prove how deceptive Obama's speech is.

The U.S. is the war state which has regarded aggression and interference as its state psychology since the very day it appeared on heaps of dead bodies of American Indians. It is the worst unethical state in the world in the light of its cruel means and methods.

For more than 130 years from its foundation to the First World War the U.S. fought 114 big and small wars of aggression and perpetrated at least 8 900 military interventions. After the Second World War was over, it ignited or intervened in more than 20 wars in various parts of the world.

In the 21st century the U.S. intensified wars of aggression and armed intervention against different countries under the signboard of "anti-terrorism" and "defence of freedom."

What merits more serious attention in the U.S. war moves is that it committed the most hideous crimes against humanity in history such as massacre of civilians and the use of WMDs.

The last Korean War was a miniature of all most hideous crimes committed by the U.S. imperialists against humanity.

During the Korean War the U.S. imperialists massacred millions of innocent civilians in such brutal method that made even brutes blush and used even germ weapons and chemical weapons banned internationally. The U.S. even tried to bring horrible nuclear disaster to the Korean nation.

The U.S. used 300 tons of depleted uranium bombs during the Gulf War and at least 41 000 shells during the Balkan War.

It indiscriminately used WMDs including BLU-82 and cluster bombs in Afghanistan and mercilessly killed a lot of civilians by use of chemical weapons melting even bones in the Iraqi War.

It is a well-known fact that a lot of civilians lost their lives due to drone attacks of the U.S. in different countries under the pretence of "eliminating terrorist bases".

Such atrocities are wanton violation of several international laws including "Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War", which reveals the sinister nature of the U.S., the worst war criminal in the world and the cesspool of hideous unethical crimes.

The U.S. war crimes are so monstrous that they can never be redeemed with a petty amount of money or wordplay because no statute of limitation is applicable to them.

It is necessary to set up an international special military tribunal to investigate the crimes the U.S. has committed against mankind and punish it.

It is the unanimous demand of the international community. -0-

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