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7th WPK Congress Calls for General Offensive toward Complete Victory of Socialism

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, May 10 (KCNA) -- The Seventh Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea on Monday made an appeal to all the servicepersons, youths and other people of the country.

The appeal said that with the great victory of its 7th Congress the WPK clearly showed the whole world how it had performed tremendous feats for the country and the nation, the socialist revolution and the human cause of independence over the past 35 years when the history of human politics witnessed the most complicated and serious upheaval and confrontation and how the unity between the WPK and the people had been cemented on the basis of deep trust and sentiment in the manifold trial of history.

It stressed that the main idea of the decision made at the 7th Congress of the WPK is to arouse the entire party, the whole country, the entire army and all the people again to the struggle for winning the final victory in the building of a thriving socialist nation as soon as possible and thus make them wage a general offensive in the period up to the 8th Congress.

The 7th WPK Congress called upon all the servicepersons, youths and other people to launch a Mallima speed campaign of rapid progress and innovation for the implementation of its decision in every sector and unit, the appeal said, adding:

The entire party, the whole country and all the servicepersons and civilians should dash toward the high eminence of a thriving nation at the speed of Mallima.

Never tolerate but mercilessly squash any element contrary to the idea and intention of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un and any slightest act of breaking our single-minded unity and backbiting at our Party's policies.

Let us build an economic and highly-civilized power by dint of science and technology and thus make the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, our beloved motherland, the envy of the whole world.

Let us put the nation's industry and agriculture on a modern, scientific and IT basis our own way and at the earliest date with our technology, efforts and resources and thus raise the level of the national economy to that of the most developed countries under the banner of self-development-first principle for turning everything of the country into wealth of socialism hard to find in other parts of the world, making the latest science and technology our possessions and creating everything with our materials.

Let us turn our country into a matchless nuclear power by bolstering up the Juche-based nuclear force in quality and quantity to mercilessly stamp out the enemies challenging us, whether they are in sky or under ground or on the sea.

Let all the people implement more thoroughly and steadily the Party's line of simultaneously developing the two fronts, each holding arms in one hand and a hammer or a sickle in the other.

Let us raise the level of every factory and farm to that of the January 18 General Machinery Plant and the Jangchon Vegetable Co-op Farm and build every structure into such spectacular edifice as the Sci-Tech Complex and Mirae Scientists Street.

Let us create many famous works like "Echo of Mountain" representing the Mallima era along with a new legend of mountains of gold, fields of gold and sea of gold.

Our trustworthy members of the Workers' Party!

Take the lead in blazing a path, shoulder the heaviest load and stand in the van of a life-and-death struggle.

Every Party cell should become an advancing group, a death-defying corps and a beacon in the Mallima speed campaign.

The stalwart men and officers of the People's Army, the closest comrades-in-arms of the Party Central Committee!

Build up the powerful revolutionary Paektusan army into the strongest forces in the world to reliably defend the all-people struggle for implementing the decision of the 7th Party Congress with matchless arms.

The heroic Kim Il Sung-Kim Jong Il working class!

Display more highly and honorably the precious title given by the great Kim Jong Un era in the present Mallima speed campaign.

The youths, staunch fighters to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche!

Create in succession new legendary tales about the heroic youth by making the youthful vigor pervade the Mallima era and hang the doorplate of a thriving nation before anyone else.

The servicepersons, youths and other people intensely loyal to the Party!

Let us successfully complete the building of a thriving nation and proudly erect a Mallima statue of Juche Korea on behalf of the present generation.

Let us open the gate to national reunification with the victory in the Mallima speed campaign and hand down to posterity the great prosperous Korea where the entire nation enjoys happiness and wellbeing through generations.

Convinced that the patriotic devotion of all the servicepersons, youths and other people of the country full of awareness to greet all victories and glory together with the Party on the eternal path of following the Party defying any hardships and sacrifices will surely result in a new miracle of history, the 7th Party Congress ardently calls once again for winning a world-startling great victory in the Mallima speed campaign.

Make an all-out charge for the complete victory of socialism by launching the Mallima speed campaign! -0-

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