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Chairman of DPRK Red Cross Society Sends Notice to President of S. Korean Red Cross

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, April 28 (KCNA) -- The chairman of the Central Committee of the Red Cross Society of the DPRK Thursday sent the following notice to the president of the Red Cross of south Korea:

We have strongly urged your authorities more than once to disclose the truth behind the group allurement and abduction of citizens of the DPRK by gangsters of the Intelligence Service of your side in Zhejiang Province, China in broad daylight and to immediately and unconditionally send the abductees back and sternly punish or hand over to the inviolable court of the DPRK side those involved in the abduction.

A particular mention should be made of the fact that I sent through media a notice in which I requested your side to take immediate technical measures for the families of the abductees to go to Seoul via Panmunjom to have face-to-face meetings with their daughters and confirm their will, as your authorities unreasonably assert that what happened recently was "group defection from the north at free will".

But your authorities categorically turned down our just request to have the earnest wish of the families of victims realized, while talking about "international practice."

We cannot but view this otherwise than a mean and childish act to prevent the truth behind the premeditated and organized group abduction from being revealed.

We know details of how the gangsters of the Intelligence Service of your side worked out a scenario from the beginning to lure and take the innocent citizens of the DPRK to south Korea and put it into practice, and have evidence proving the crime.

The evil-minded agents of the Intelligence Service of your side, in conspiracy with brokers in China, allured and abducted the group of citizens of the DPRK in the most base and vicious manner to take them to south Korea. This hideous unprecedented crime against humanity has touched off towering indignation of the public at home and abroad.

What is all the more intolerable is that your authorities separately put the abductees in custody in solitary rooms and are pressurizing them into "defection" by employing all possible means of appeasement, deception, threat and blackmail while keeping them strictly away from the outside.

Our citizens are now on hunger strike, strongly demanding their prompt return to their motherland. Some of the girls have fallen in a faint.

We cannot but ask if this is "humanitarianism" and "defence of human rights" often touted by your side.

A big question is for what reason they have been detained in solitary rooms, kept away from the outside and prevented from expressing their own will if they had gone to south Korea at "their free will".

Your side is preventing parents from meeting their children under the pretext of "international practice." This is the height of inhumanity.

It is universally accepted international practice and humanitarianism to ensure the earliest possible reunion between parents and children who had been separated from each other against their will.

Your side does not have any reason whatsoever to refuse to meet the just demand of the DPRK to let the parents directly meet their children to know what they want.

Your side has already completely lost face to talk about reunions of separated families and relatives as you divided their harmonious families by taking their beloved children from the embrace of their parents.

We regard the Red Cross of your side's fence-sitting attitude towards the hideous group abduction as an inhumanitarian act of diametrically running counter to the noble spirit of Red Cross.

We would like to remind your side of possible unimaginable and catastrophic consequences if the situation is allowed to go on.

If the Red Cross of your side remains true to the humanitarian mission, it should play a role in making your authorities apologize for the allurement and abduction, unconditionally and immediately send back the abductees and sternly punish those involved in the monstrous crime.

As an immediate step, we once again strongly demand your side take prompt technical measures to ensure that the families of the abductees meet their children face to face in Seoul.

If your side persistently turns down our just demand, your side will have to be accountable for all ensuing serious consequences. -0-

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