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Kim Jong Un Publishes New Work

Korean Central News Agency of DPRK via Korea News Service (KNS)

Pyongyang, October 30 (KCNA) -- Supreme leader Kim Jong Un on Oct. 24 published his work 'To Protect National Heritage Is a Patriotic Undertaking for Adding Brilliance to the History and Traditions of Our Nation'.

Kim Jong Un said in his work that the reconstruction of Mausoleum of King Tangun as a magnificent edifice thanks to noble patriotism and wise leadership of President Kim Il Sung and leader Kim Jong Il helped clearly prove that the Koreans have lived as a homogeneous nation in one and the same land with King Tangun as the founding-father since the dawn of human civilization and led to the appearance of a holy place of the nation for educating all Koreans in patriotism.

This is a great auspicious event of the Korean nation and a shining victory of the Juche-oriented policy for protecting national heritage, he noted, adding:

Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il attached importance to the work for protecting national heritage and channeled their efforts into it in the whole period of their revolutionary leadership, thus glorifying before the world the time-honored history and brilliant culture of the Korean nation.

Kim Il Sung set right every historical issue which the big-power chauvinists and sycophants distorted and made complicated, thereby proving that Korea is one of the cradles of human civilization and correctly formulating the history of the Korean nation which has been created in the law-governed process of historical development since Korea was founded by King Tangun.

Kim Il Sung set forth the policy of carrying forward and developing the national heritage from the Juche-based standpoint and led the work to unearth and ascertain lots of cultural heritage kept buried into oblivion and restore the historic sites vandalized by foreign invaders to their former glory, thus handing the cultural legacies created by ancestors to the people and their children as national treasures.

Kim Jong Il properly estimated and clarified the issues of great significance in correcting the history of the Korean nation true to the intention of Kim Il Sung, adding shine to the just history of the nation.

Kim Jong Un stressed in his work that it is the firm will of the Workers' Party of Korea to glorify the country as an advanced highly civilized state in the world and a prosperous and strong nation with the time-honored history and brilliant culture true to the noble intention of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

He clarified in his work that the work to protect the national heritage is a patriotic work for carrying forward and developing the priceless spiritual and material legacies left by the ancestors and preserving and adding luster to the history and traditions of the nation.

He underscored the need to hold fast to the ideas and theories on protecting national heritage enunciated by Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il as guidelines and fully embody them.

Noting that the principles of Juche character, historicism and scientific accuracy are the fundamental principles to be consistently maintained to protect, carry forward and develop the national cultural heritage, Kim Jong Un indicated tasks to be fulfilled.

Kim Jong Un went on:

Historical remains and relics should be restored to their former state to suit the specific features of the relevant societies and historical periods and preserved and managed so that they may retain their former glory.

It is necessary to value priceless creations and beautiful manners and customs associated with the wisdom and skills of the nation and handed down generation after generation and carry forward and develop them as required by the times.

It is also necessary to conduct well the work for protecting and managing scenic spots and natural monuments.

Even a single tree, a single blade of grass and a single stone adding to the beautiful landscape of scenic spots should be valued and birds or mountain animals in the zones of the scenic spots should be firmly protected.

It is necessary to successfully build up history museums and other centers for education in history as required by the people's culture and emotion and the trend of the era and intensify the education through them.

The work for protecting the national heritage should be conducted as the work involving the whole state and all people and put on a scientific basis as required by the developing reality.

Kim Jong Un underlined the need to introduce and appreciate our people and overseas compatriots' patriotic deed of presenting valuable historical relics to the country.

He called for conducting exchange with international organizations and other countries.

He underscored the need to uphold and preserve the immortal exploits of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il and add brilliance to the history and tradition of the Korean nation by thoroughly implementing the party's policy for protecting national heritage.

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